Saturday, 24 February 2018

Have we Stockholm Syndrome?

G'day Petals,
Stockholm Syndrome: do we Aussies have the first recorded example of a nation-wide case?
Where a hostage develops positive feelings for the captor;
the hostages prefer not to act against their captors legally;
and where the hostage takes on the same values as their captor so as not to be seen as a threat.

Let's look at some recent events and note how nationally we have responded.

If any further evidence was needed that the ABC has been effectively gutted, (apart from the fascist "pulling" of Emma Alberici's critical analysis of Scummo Morrison's and Truffles Proposed Trickle Down tax cuts for big business' who pay no tax anyway…because it didn't meet management's IPA guidelines ) well, we had von Onanism from the Oz and Shari Mark-up from the Terragraph proselytising for their respective Ugly American's Murdoch right-wing propaganda sheets for a full half of the 7.30 Report at taxpayer expense.
Caballing with an ever compliant Hissy-Fit Sales about the salient points of Barnyard Joyce's penetrating personality and his ability to get-it-up whilst blotto, their consensus ended up being a justification that they have now "seemed" to have let loose the Dog's of  tabloid war on pollies personal lives a'la UK Daily Mirror.  
I might be naive but I thought the Ugly American Murdoch tabloids did that around 2011-13 to destroy Julia Gillard in the public's mind.
Talk about a cynical pre-emptive excuse for pillorying Labor in the next 10 months and forever after in the Brit fashion of sleazy innuendo and "gotcha" interviews that effectively masks any real news content to suit what the powers that be, want.
Unfortunately for us and fortunately for Barnyard the MSM who already knew  about Barnyard's corruption, family issues and more, decided not to report it till after his bye-election was completed.
Keeping the electors in the dark which in anyone's terms, is partisan and dishonest.
(note: Guthrie's Gotta Go!)

On the same day, Truffles reverted to being a prefect instead of  prime miniature.
In his best tin-ear-for-politics sophistry, he announced that bonking your staff is now a not do-able but an offence; not that bonking someone else staffer was not-on and that he would be handing out prophylactics only on request.
Truffles, overplaying his natural prefect manner only succeeding in further denigrating and making a greater joke of our parliament than it already has become under this ruling rabble. Making it less relevant in the public mind but also reminding an already demeaned Barnyard that he was very, very naughty boy and should probably consider saying 10 Hail Mary's!
But doubling down on pathetic; Barnyard then returned fire, blowing Rasberries, squaring up and spitting, he was a Nat! "We don't take orders from no-one, Truffles… so there! Just look at Fat George of the Deep North threatening to shoot Greenies… he's a good fun sort… just the sort of family values we all aspire to."

Truffles then announced that Horse-Shite Cormann was to be his deputy as he sashayed off to brown-nose with Un-president Strumpet of the Un-united States whilst giving away $2 Trillion of our superannuation monies to fund Yankee infrastructure, effectively snotting Barnyard whose role it was supposed to be and sending him on sick leave; in the process, keeping Asbestos Bishop at arm's length, too.
It was never announced whether the Foreign Affairs Department had supplied translators for any "presser" Horse-shite mumbled.

Barnyard, refreshed after twenty minutes of his "sick" leave went touring his bailiwick and discovered a loving populace wearing sackcloth and ashes, rending their garments and wailing pitifully outside his now-for-lease (recently re-furbished at $650,000.00 taxpayer expense) electoral office, at the unfairness of his treatment by a "witch-hunting" media and begging him, Pied Piper-like to lead them to the promised Billabong where the water, unlike the Murray/Darling he oversaw, never runs out.

Unfortunately, in the midst of this emotional electoral apotheosis came news that the Wicked Witch of the Nat's, West had dumped on Barnyard after having seen the complaint that He-had-(allegedly)-drunkenly-pinched-a woman-on-the-derriere in 2011, sort of confirming that he WAS a very, very, very, serially naughty boy and he, more or less promptly, fell on his plough share!
But what a self indulgent not-confession, but a litany of pissed-off-ed-ness issued from Barnyard high above Tamworth in his final Sermon from the Mount !
The corrupt philanderer STILL doesn't get it that he IS, was and always will be the problem that brought him undone!

Dodo Dutton performed a sonorously mind-numbing and inelegantly phrased right-wing epistle in his best inflection-free monotone last Wednesday for his first (and for us hopefully, his last) performance at the National Press Club. Confirming his detestation of fairness and equality Dodo proceed to enlighten us on the virtues of where no red tape and cheap foreign workers correspond: how freedom from having any ability to hide ones personal life from his pet para-military, Border-Farce, will make life simpler:  and how marching with right arm outstretched at 30* whilst singing The Horst Wessel will inculcate Strine Valyews of a particularly rancid Deep North sort.
Goose-Stepping behind in agreement with this idea was Horse-Shite, possibly remembering fondly all those fun songs and salutes his grandparents were probably encouraged to participate in. 

Small-Minded Business Minister Craig Laundy goes off the map in parliament. …….  "McManus-stan, (trade union boss, Sally McManus) that alternate universe, where the general, the superior leader, Sally McManus, that puppet master and her two favourite marionettes, the member for Gorton and the leader of the opposition, where she is pulling the strings hard every day."
Apart from just sounding like an idiot  and making parliament a waste of time, perhaps we could excuse Pie-Face because he may well have foetal alcohol syndrome ?

Petals, in the week that all this happened a poll came out. With the mayhem, insanity, abundant corruption , lying, rorting and generalised malfeasance you would probably expect that this ruling rabble would have been shot to ribbons. Not the case: Labor Up 1, Ruling Rabble: Down 1

Are we like the Stockholm Syndrome afflicted, now so immured in the dross of this country we can no longer see right from wrong , see a positive future over and above the muck, lies and destruction the ruling rabble are perpetrating? Can we no longer see that our press and particularly the only independent media, the ABC is  NOT reporting what is really happening in this IPA fantasy world?
Two minutes to midnight, Petals….


  1. The Wombat has done a perfect cubic poo on 'the land down under' ... their is no doubt that we are all suffering from a bad bout of Stockholm Syndrome ... the only cure is the maintenance of a wry sense of humour & a dose righteous indignation mixed with a sackful of cynicism ... boot on Shane !!

  2. true, that ....and if I may be so bold to add... a fair righteous dose of baseball bat to the knee's, heads and grasping fingers of those in need of retification?
    And how are you, royal islander?