Monday, 12 February 2018

And the Dead Cat Bounced…..with Effie's Banana

G'day Petals,
Wow! What a week it has been, well fortnight really, as I've been distracted making renovations to the burrow.

Prime Miniature Truffles and his ruling rabble began the new parliamentary year on what they thought was a high, confident that their political fortunes were turning as the first poll of the year had them (according to the Ugly American Murdoch's bastion of fake news, The Oz )"surging" by one, yes 1 point, to be only five points behind Labor.  
Truffles extended his lead as preferred PM by another point; all of which proves that if he and his ruling rabble do nothing their popularity is assured.
Bob Brown's Tarkine crew
Bob Brown's Tarkine crew
Unfortunately the Xmas and New Year slumber and fantasy period ended and reality dawned with the announcement by the ABC that they had in their possession two safe-like cabinets which contained thousands of secret cabinet documents involving the current and four previous governments and which had been bought at a second hand office furniture store. 
"How Embarrassment" as Effie was wont to say, but there are four things worth noting in all this. 1/ It seems the documents were a cunningly curated bundle, pulling together future booby traps of information from disparate sources. 2/ The few publicly released, gave positive indications of how the ruling rabble mind really works in cabinet' which is not at all like what they say on the campaign trail.  3/ That the ABC is no Washington Post: meekly handing it all back when ASIO raided them at 13.00 hours, and 4/ The implied competence (or otherwise) of this Ruling Rabble, Mk#2 !
NGV Lift
NGV Lift
More was to follow with another more serious yet, very under-reported breach of security when a drawer in a desk, again from a second hand furniture salesroom, was discovered to have taped to its back, highly secret defence documents and three security passes!
Isn't it amazing what savage cuts to public service numbers can do to morale, efficiency and stable governance when "the adults are in charge"?
And what a salutary example too of the serious bother many, many people would have been in if the new draconian secrecy laws had been passed.
Pigeon, Melbourne
Effie must have been blowing in the ear of the Minister for Defence Industry, Chwissie, the Perfect Prat of a Whining Pyne as well, when he announced that Australia was going into gun running and arms sales. Now, given we can't build our own subs, frigates, tanks, cars and trains, that our NBN under Truffle's innovative leadership in now 65th in the world (down from 25) and our education system is failing,  this alarming policy of helping create more refugees so that we can then incarcerate if they attempt to flee here is obviously a very cunning plan to garner world attention by shooting ourselves in the foot!

Ex Major General, Jimbo Molan, whose reputation rests on shooting people, and newly arrived in the senate said he 's not just a racist because he likes posting far right Brit anti Muslim videos on his fb page… "I'm only drawing out targets to eliminate, Fallujah style, at a latter date. When Dodo Dutton and Roaming Quisling is back from his sabbatical we will all get dressed in our brown shirts and get organised. "  he was unreliably reported to have said.
Tarkine simulation, Fed Square
The Ruling Rabble also welcomed turncoat Lucy, Lulu-Flat-Earth, Gichuhi who obviously appreciates the more finely nuanced corruption possibilities available with the ruling rabble and the chance to sparkle amongst such dross.
She had spurned the advances  of Bestiality Bernardi's Far Right-Back-to-the-Middle-Ages-Party where the sparks would have flown very making him look like the dumb jock that he is.  Lulu-Flat-Earth is sure to be a hit though, particularly with Dodo Dutton and his current fad for all things African.
A more suitable candidate for Bestiality's saviour circus appeared in the ex Un-Xtian Lobby's  Lying Lyle Shelton whose Neanderthal views more closely accord with the rower of men.
And down we go...
Then Effie went the full banana!
Not content with accepting $9,000,000.00 of taxpayers monies whilst not being eligible to sit in parliament, looking particularly drunk in the said parliament, corrupting and aiding the corruption of the Murray Darling water leases, having to think twice of accepting a $40,000.00 "donation," using his "faith" to stand against the SSM debate and causing untold harm to those that wanted marriage equality, voting against the drug Gardisil and using his daughters as salient points, Barnyard Joyce has "arranged" for his new mistress to be moved around government departments and secure a $190,000.00 salary. Oh, and she's  allegedly pregnant to him as well and not her husband of 12 months so he's stuffed his marriage of 24 years, has left home and is shacked up with her in a mates place (he's a developer, so it must be NSW) and rent-free, too when they have a combined income of $600,000.00 p.a.!
Now, what did Sam Dastyari resign for and how was he treated by the press for his couple of grand? 
And let's for a moment, just listen to the Sounds of Silence emanating from the religious righteous like Scummo Morrison and Bestiality and Cap'n Catlic Andrews over Barnyards fornication's. Or the MSM howls about the corruption of the taxpayer spending $3,000,000.00 on security for his "gifted" bolthole.... How embarrassment!
And Barnyard has the temerity to call Willie Shortstuff a hypocrite.
Making ripples.

Let's see Petals, how far the dead cat has bounced at the tomorrow's poll. 
I think it might be terminal time for the ruling rabble.
Hoo-roo Possums,

ps. photos taken at Fed Square and NGV in Melbourne where people were not frightened of new things and other races.
NGV Moat

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