Tuesday, 29 August 2017

..... singing the Internationale?

G'day Possums,
it's nearly Spring.....

Faux Finance Minister, Matty Horse-Shite Cormann whose second language is English and third economics, has painted a desperate doomsday scenario of Australia under a Willie  Shortstuff  Labor regime, claiming that he is "cocky" and relying on the politics of envy to propel him to the Prime Minister's Lodge as people forget the failures of, "shock-horror", that word which should never be uttered:  socialism. 

Ludicrously likening the Labor party to a East German Stasi cabaret, The Cuban's Beuna Vista Social Club, and St Petersburg's Mariinsky Ballet, Horse-Shite, in a mixed language rant to Father Gerard's Sydney Geriatric Institute, claimed that by being socialist  and not giving tax breaks to big business, curbing excessive executive payouts and paying fair wages there will be a terrible brake on "aspiration" in Oz and the entertainment of widening class division!
Also, conveniently ignoring not only Australia's faltering economy, increasing debt and rampant Ruling Rabble corruption, this salient member of the Lying Nasty Papists, in reprising the "Reds-Under-The-Bed" scenario from the 50's also avoids  mentions of  the economies of Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark who are highly successful social democracies.
He prophesied that our most innovative  entrepreneurs with imagination and creativity will  flee the country to their Cayman Island tax havens leaving the light on thus causing all those renting these refugees negatively geared properties on their reduced wages without penalty rates not to be able to afford the rising electricity bill, smashed avocado and forced to eat cat food in lieu of real mince.
Seeming never in his life to have had a job other than one sucking off the public teat, this neo-fascist Belgian expat is well qualified to be concerned about the politics of envy, cigar smoking and the dismal failure of neo-con theory as his Lying Nasty Papist cabal fails to govern effectively; and because of its policy bereft status is even being pilloried by those whom you might think, at other times, would be supporters.

A perfect storm is brewing too, as the eligibility crisis, the stupidly divisive marriage equality postal vote  and Pell-Pot's historical child abuse case all head for judgment in October and there seems to be a drip feed of damaging historical malfunctions like Rabid-the-Hun's alcoholic stupor and sleeping through important votes in parliament and the potentially internecine stoushes between the LNP and the Nats to make the ruling rabble a total shambles.

Nationals deep-north senator Matty, Thug Canavan and Noe Notion senator Mal-Addled Roberts have changed their tune on key details of their citizenship status, as the High Court begins hearings on a case providing ample evidence of the honesty, ethics and integrity of ruling rabble and its affiliates. Happy to lie to the people they say they represent Thug Canavan has conceded to the court that he has been an Italian citizen since he was 2 - when he previously blamed a 2006 application on his mother - and Mal-Addled appeared ( I say "appeared" as his empirical evidence enunciations are always in a deep-north dialect quite foreign to the rest of the country) to admit that he had not filled in his British citizenship renunciation documents until after he was elected, to which, there was weeping and gnashing of teeth by 77 sack-clothed and ashed deep-north voters. 

Some of Australia's most senior politicians have been caught out not declaring a free pay television subscription worth up to $1,600 a year. No wonder The Ugly American, Murdoch needed another, no strings, $30,000,000.00 of taxpayers money to play with.  He will also be having stern words with his son who lackadaisically  has been gazumped again, this time by CBS flying under his radar to buy Channel 10, thereby stalling The Ugly American's ambition of having almost total control of Australia's media.
"So comrades, come rally
And the last fight let us face
The Internationale unites the human race".

Hoo-roo comrades,



  1. Hell's teeth, they wouldn't know what socialism was if it emerged from their porridge. I scan The Age, read The Saturday Paper, and occasionally wonder how the hell it has come to this. It wasn't only Howard, it was all going in that direction before he grabbed the reins. The NSW Right has a lot to answer for, I suspect, specially in providing fodder for the NSW shockjocks, and the scribblers in the Terrorgraph.