Friday, 4 August 2017

Basket Case or Train Wreck?

G'day Possums,
It's been a week of nasty surprises, mostly at the expense of our hideously incompetent Ruling Rabble.

So is it a train wreck or a basket case?

Pics are old rolling stock at Trentham Station.

In an attempt to counter a real societal issue that Labor is now effectively exploiting, the Ruling Rabble's amateur treasurer, Scummo Morrison boldly declared that, "Inequality is improving." This Orwellian summation was followed a couple of days later by prime miniature Truffles Turnbull telling West Australia's media that they "...were living in a parallel universe"  and that their reporting of public anger at the state being "dudded" by the federal Ruling Rabble in its share of tax revenue was, "fake news." Considering that after this, in the Un-united States, the full transcript of Truffle's first phone conversation with the recently elected "Pussy-Grabber," Trump has been leaked and has provided evidence that "Fake- News" is in fact, Truffles' stock in hand in dealing with his own electorate, no wonder he's comfortable with the phrase.

Which in its own odd way explains why the Ruling Rabble is having such conniptions over the marriage equality legislation, climate change, renewable energy, education and health care. Unable to show any imagination in progressive policy and with a default setting of "NO" to anything which is progressive, the Ruling Rabble have bedded themselves firmly in the 1950's. The rest of the nation though, has actually moved on and Truffles cabal of limited talents pathetic attempts to sound relevant can only be like his copper broadband network, fake!

Dissatisfaction  with the Ruling Rabble is rife with even their most redoubtable proselytisers kicking them in the shins. Nikki Saava in a recent article, having had a couple of piddling swipes at Willie Shortstuff , then went on to savage her own side, criticizing their constant in-fighting and inadvertently exposing their complete lack of relevance and the policy vacuum they exist in. Then there was the "interview-interruptus" of Peter van Onselen on Sky. Our gayest Ex Freedom-Man, IPA clone and member for Balaclava, Timmy the Twat Wilson was asked for his views on the infighting in his mob on the issue of marriage equality. Timmy demurred, saying he would prefer to talk about anything else. van Onselen just said, "Thank you for appearing." and cut him off!  I can't imagine the "tanty" Timmy the Twat would have thrown at being so summarily dismissed by a fellow conservative as he, as an inveterate self promoter who also sees himself as a key intellectual of the right of Oz politics loves the limelight and relishes any opportunity to rant on and on and on and on.....I suspect van Onselen with his Phd's, Masters and Professorial positions doesn't suffer fools gladly!

Annabel Crabb did a real job on failed treasurer, Eleventy Hockey when she briefly hosted 7.30 a few years back. Asking him a question which really only needed a yes or no, his response was an off the point bit of obfuscation to which she cut into saying "I'll take that as a No, then" and went straight on to the next question. He never recovered his composure.
The other side of the coin was on display the other night when Willie Shortstuff bested Hissy-Fit Sales when she trotted out her standard Ruling Rabble propaganda as a question and he replied that he didn't agree with the myths the Ruling Rabble (and inferred, she) continually peddle and answered her question but stayed in control of the interview. Not comfortable being unable to run her own agenda it seemed that Sales terminated the interview early.

We wont talk about the terrorist molehill being made into a mountain at present but suffice to say that the polls are still bad for Truffles and his Ruling Rabble but there is mileage aplenty in disrupting airline passengers with excessive security whilst not also checking baggage handlers, cleaners and kitchen staff etc.
A train wreck, I think.
Hoo-roo Petals,



  1. Total train wreck. BTW, do you reckon the Sales is pregnant again? Some clothes seem to have got a bit tight, and she always holds the piece of paper in the same place when she is standing, which seems to be happening less than it used to??

  2. Nahh... just getting frumpy... she split from her husband some months ago as did alberici... and Annabel Crabbe doesn't wear rings on her left hand any more... ... Is being an ABC "star" bad for ones relationships?