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From Farce to Perfidy and Back

Shane in his Budgie Smugglers
Shane in his Budgie Smugglers

G'day Possums,

once upon a time there was a quaint notion that being a government minister your behaviour was to be exemplary, sober, considered and beyond reproach, at least in public. 
Although the "truth" offered as policy might be modified, twisted, compromised and adjusted to fit changing parameters from its original utterance, it would still have a kernel of its original intent and could, in most cases, be defended. 

There was an expectation too that ministers had the welfare of the nation at heart before all else, particularly personal profit.

Ahh, the Good-Old-Days...The Golden Past!

Last week I mentioned  the storms that brought South Australia's power grid down and the fact that  the event was used by Truffles and his ruling rabble Mk#2 to try and belt-the-bejesus out of renewables in favour of favour I'm still not quite sure.
Fictions Frydenberg then had a meeting with all the state energy ministers and re-iterated that their targets of around 40-50% renewable energy by 2050 were too onerous, and too costly (to the coal producers and fracking lobby) to be really attainable in a real world scenario and the states would be better off limiting their designs downward to the federal target of 23% by 2020. "Ya see," he said, "re-newables can't provide energy security the way coal can!" Fictions then  failed to offer an explanation of what this "secure energy source" was going to be and how the electricity from it would be distributed when the cheap steel in the Chinese supplied pylons bent and allied with the apparent lack of suitably robust foundations, fell over when hit simultaneously by both a breeze and a waywardly suicidal Orange-Bellied Parrot.
Not to be outdone in ludicrousness, up popped Uncle Otto's Tasmanian progeny, Vichy Abetz ...high...pitch offered his peculiar brand of wisdom in that Nuclear would solve all our problems ...and then some.
That a nuclear plant would probably take 20-30 years to start producing power seemed to escape the ken of this endangered Tassie species.  By which time, the once pristine waters surrounding him would probably be well and truly irradiated from contaminated material still pouring out  into the Pacific at 300 Tonnes of  per day from the broken Fukushima plant, so we wouldn't have to do that ourselves.
Which is a good thing because we can't do much anyway.. oh, coffee; we're good at making that.... cars.... manufacturing, nahh.  The Ruling Rabble Mk#2 have been as quiet as cat-thieves as Ford produced its last vehicle and General Motors is about to fold, leaving what many expect to be 200,000 more unemployed to be added to the nearly 800,000 looking for the 165,000 jobs available nationwide. It was interesting to note that the figures of workers being made redundant at Ford seemed to get smaller with every hourly news service, particularly on the ruling rabble's new tabloid propaganda vehicle, the ABC where the numbers went from around 1500 to less than half that by days end. It was almost as if the ABC were being told to test which number was most popular.
Now, I'm not accusing the ruling rabble of "spinning" this disastrous legacy from the Ruling Rabble Mk #1 of Eleventy Hockey and Rabid-the-Hun.
They wouldn't  do that would they...would they?
Well, not unless the UNHCR produced a report on our refugee concentration camps on Nauru and Manus Islands which showed that 88% of these refugees (yes, they are refugees, not "illegals") are suffering from depressive anxiety dis-orders and PTSD! .
Then you might find that Dodo Dutton's Department of Non-Immigration is bleeding the taxpayer of around $8,000,000.00 a year with its 82 "communications" staff, 22 of which are apparently being trained on camera and in other media to obfuscate "controversial issues" like inadequate health facilities, education, and care standards less than what is expected in a maximum security prison.
That it would cost the nation much less to allow these refugees into the country, house them and maintain them back to mental and physical health than all the billions of dollars this cruel  ideological bullshit is costing us at present really makes you wonder what brand of ethics this ruling rabble have inculcated?

There are two sorts... the first example was on show at the Malaysian Grand Prix where  Branden Stobbs, 29,  Edward Leaney, 25, Nicolas Kelly, 27, Thomas Laslett, 28, Thomas Whitworth, 28, James Paver, 27, Adam Pasfield 25, Timothy Yates, 29, and Jack Walker who in a coarse display of crude, culturally insensitive humour, undressed to reveal the Malaysian flag emblazoned on their jocks!  Of these expensively privately "educated" boys (note the ages) one was a diplomat's son, another, the last named is, or should we say hopefully, was a staffer for one of the most incompetent ministers in the ruling rabble, Chwissie the Whyne and Perfect-Prat-of-a-Prefect, Pyne. Given Chwissie's asinine pronouncements of being "the fixer," we wait with baited breath to see his solution to his latest ethical dilemma. And it hasn't gone unnoticed just how fitting they seem for each other.
The second example was the dilemma for the ruling rabble's private security detail, the AFP in finalising its tardy investigation into who "lifted" Slippery Pete's Diary in order to bring down not only him but also the Gillard government. Despite the admission on TV by Chicken Legs Brough that he advised The Sleazy Ashby to do the deed, the AFP have decided that there is "insufficient evidence" to bring charges.  
Kathy Jackson must now feel a palpable sense of relief at the looking-the-other-way-ed-ness of this Aussie F****d Police.
Brandis as Napoleon with apologies to Ingres

A third example was a conglomerate of perfidy by Bookshelves Brandis. who seems to have a bad case of wood-rot and embarrassed himself being caught lying to parliament over what he didn't do and what he said he did. This excuse for an Attorney General is a bloody disgrace to the position; from getting Credlin off a drink driving charge that would have seen most of us lose our license and possibly gain a jail term, employing the underqualified and overpaid IPA clone Timmy The-Twat Wilson as Freedom of Speech Commissioner so he could fund his run at Goldstein, to "offering" Gillian Triggs a sinecure if she "bailed" as Commissioner, to stacking judicial posts; and now this sphincter mouthed piece of duplicity is trying to eliminate the Solicitor General from providing any advice to government and empire build his Fascist nest. He should be sacked.... but this is not the old days

Jimmy Paterson, Cosplay
Jimmy Paterson, Cosplay
The other ethical sort was on parade t' other day. Jimmy Pastie Paterson, another IPA mutant shoe-horned into the senate, rocked his favourite hobby horse out of the IPA playground in a remarkable demonstration of much movement and no travel.

Pastie, seen here in what is probably his most appropriate cosplay outfit, trotted out his best party piece: that all government funding to sports and the arts be cut. 
He has suggested that the ANG's "Blue Poles" by Jackson Pollack should be sold as it has accrued 270 times its original cost.  
It's worth noting that back in '74-5 that the $1.3 Million paid, as well as the work too was heavily criticised by formalist ilk similar in taste and perspicacity to the arid personality strutting before us now.

Is the young, smug and inexperienced Pastie, (28 yo) the definitive proof of cynicism: One who knows the cost of everything and the value of nothing? 
Would that he had been around to advise Lorenzo D'Medici, Katherine the Great, G. van Swieten, Belyayev, John Soane or Peggy Guggenheim.  Why, he even could have disagreed with Churchill who decided not to cut the Arts during WW2, because, as Churchill then said, "That's what we are fighting for!"
How much he would have saved ! How much more pleasure we all would have had fingering our accounting machines and entering our debit and profit ledgers.  I'm sure that when his one hand is clapping Pastie is imagining stimulating dollar signs. 
You can see dear Petal or two, what  a warm encompassing and open visage we have in our representative, young Pastie. 
How can this desiccated Dickensian mind ever possibly imagine it could lead anything?

Hoo-roo petals,


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