Friday, 30 September 2016

The Continuing Insanity's of the Ruling Rabble Mk2.

Shane and Dangerous Wind Power

G'day Possums,

A severe, "Once-in-50-Year", (according to that Soviet Cell at the Bureau of Meteorology) storm and two small tornadoes swept through South Australia, felled about 23 high power transmission lines and caused the back-up to Victoria's grid to fail, leaving the whole state blacked out. 
Our faux Federal leader forever fearful of his right wing flapping, Truffles Turdball on being informed of something,  played an insane line that the real cause of the blackout was that SA had 40% of its grid powered by wind and solar!
Aided and abetted by a compliant ABC in tabloid propaganda mode, the Famous Five: Truffles, Fiction's Frydenberg, Barnyard Joyce, Exhibitionista Xenephon and Mal-Addled Roberts all decided it was time to nobble this dangerous energy source once and for all. An inquiry into the myth of human produced Carbon as a climate change agent, and cheap reliable, environmentally friendly coal is just the ticket according to Mal-Addled the One Neuron Notion Senator from The Deep North. That world weather patterns are becoming increasingly violent and the fact that we've just passed 400PPM of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere didn't phase this crusading seeker of empirical evidence as he went on to call for,"  ....all to urgently exit all climate change policies that are the direct cause of this huge mess in SA."
Now, isn't all that innovative? No? Well, agile with the facts at least!

“No man is exempt from saying silly things; the mischief is to say them deliberately.” Michel de Montaigne.
The inherent dangers of solving the problem of climate change without the goodness of Coal.

Burying his head further into the sand, Truffles has decided that the misleading information from the anti-equality agit-prop leaflets disseminated in Sydney by senior members of his Liarbril Party will not affect a "civil" debate prior to the now problematical plebiscite on marriage equality. This group, "Children's Future" ( "...give me a child till he is seven... etc....") apparently has links to the secretive right-wing Catlic club, Opus Dei, an organization founded by Spanish prelate Jose' Maria Escriva in 1928 which flourished after the Civil war under the fascist, General Franco.
It's nice to know that "free-speech" is alive and well and that the Inquisition isn't too far away!
"I agree that everyone has the right to peace and harmony, but the gays and lesbians are now wanting to change my way of thinking, who I am," said the Red Menace from Ipswich.
"I come from a time when there was no discussion about gay marriage. That's my background, that's what I've grown up with." "If you feel so strongly about it, I'm sure you can move to that country and then you can have that marriage," she said."
The Red Menace would probably feel more at home in Pyongyang.
Descending into a theatrical quagmire of irrelevancy and proving Orwell as prophet, Kafka as role model, Ayn Rand as scriptwriter and Dali as producer The Red Menace re-iterates the putridly low level of intelligent discourse the ethically and morally bereft "right" of Australia now  proselytise to a  dumbed-down nation.
Just like Mandy Il Patrone,  Vanstone  (QandA 26-9-16) who extolled the virtues of those waiting patiently for 12-15 years before the skerrick of humanity left in this mongrel rabble kicks in and they deign to allow them entry as refugees. A truly Panglossian sentiment more suited to the C15th than the C21st. To much applause from the rooly noice audience, Il Patrone presented a reassuringly and patronizingly mythical confection of how to control others futures without the guilt. I wonder if Vivian Solon and Cornelia Rau were as accepting and appreciative of Il Patrone's "humanity."
“We should tend our freedom wisely.” M.
Finally, Australia’s education department paid Bjørn Lomborg’s climate skeptic Copenhagen Consensus Centre $640,000 to help produce a report that claimed limiting world temperature increases to 2C was a “poor” use of money.
Bjorn has left the country. He richer.... us, none the wiser!

Faux Freedom Fighter and ex Boy Wonder, Wyatt Roy has popped up in Iraq (illegally it seems) allegedly seeking motivation and meaning from the Peshmerga but in reality garnering support for his next tilt at pre-selection for the seat he lost at the last election. In a 10 minute advertisement on ABC's 7.30 hosted by what looked and sounded to me like Leigh Sales in drag, Wyatt's "what-I-did-on-my-holiday" exuded all the boyish charm of a young unemployed Liarbril taking himself too seriously as a wonderful plastic humanitarian.
I think it would be a very good idea if we could crowd-fund his return and give ISIS another crack at him.

“We are all blockheads.”  M. de M.
Guthrie's Gotta Go
Guthrie's Gotta Go

There was a deja-vu revelation of sorts in the American presidential debate between a loopy far right-winger and a standard right-winger. The LFRW tried to excite the audience with calls for Jobson Growth, Tax cuts for the wealthy, Laura 'n Order, Innovation, and I think I heard "agility" get a guernsey, too. Only to be told by the SRW that trickle-down economics doesn't really work. Having heard all the former from Truffles as if it was something original a few months ago I can only assume that this is what is meant by Globalisation.
If it is, I have an ominous feeling as to the path we are being lead down by the ruling rabble Mk2's application of the IPA's imported theoretical mumbo-jumbo.

Hoor-roo, petals


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