Wednesday, 11 February 2015

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G’day Possums,
Shane with sculpture
Shane with sculpture

Well its been a busy week of this and that and little more of that than usual and politics in Oz becoming  ever more surreal than it was before….. but more of that later in Wombat Droppings.

Mrs Wombat’s brother has been building a aeroplane, a Jabiru Ultra-Light. Very nice it is, too.
Jabiru Ulra-Light
Jabiru Ulra-Light
Jabiru Ulra-Light

We made a visit to the Mill Market in Daylesford … lots and lots of second-hand stuff and met “Chewie” from Chewton….. Chewies servants have a stall the market  and he is a very friendly chap.

 “Chewie” from Chewton

 “Chewie” from Chewton
 “Chewie” from Chewton
We made another visit to Atelier Paul Stewart to do some interior shots of his new premises Paul has re-located to 125 Auburn Rd Hawthorn and if you’re looking for exquisite bespoke jewellery   this place is really worth a visit.
Atelier Paul Stewart
Atelier Paul Stewart
Ohh, I’ve made another little foray into sculpture again there have been some ideas bubbling to the surface so we’ll see how it goes…it’s been a while …

Wombat Droppings
the chronicle of the demise of egalitarianism and rise of Fascism in Oz.

Prime Miniature, Rabid-the-Hun has had a near-death-experience. Many were disappointed that it wasn't the full death experience but with armed guards to protect the pollies now in Parliament House for the first time in our history it may not be long before the disappointed one’s hopes are perhaps realised.
Rabid has lost much face in having a party vote on whether to “spill” him. 60% of his party would prefer, it seems “nobody” rather than him. And really, Petals, it doesn't take $4.8,000,000.00 to find out what people think of you. The slow rise in the tone of anger throughout Face-Book should be sufficient indication that this ruling rabble is the most hated mob and deemed utterly unfit for the job of leading a nation.
It was obvious in 2012 that Rabid-the-Hun's  foetid rabble were a policy free zone.
It was obvious in the unseemly viciousness of their personalized attacks on anyone deemed an enemy that this Liarbril Party and its aspirational bogan supporters had become a Mongrel Pack.
It was obvious too, that The Coots-With-Queer-Ideas-From-a-Parallel-Universe (IPA) led by “Le Jongleur” Roskam were writing the script, which was being published by their mentor “The Ugly American” Murdoch.  Blame then for the election losses in Victoria and Queensland can be fairly sheeted home to the Ultra-Right “free-market” thought bubbles emanating from “the Coots” and implemented by both these one-term outfits. But as much as these policies are destroying Australia as a Social Democracy they are also slowly destroying the Liarbril Party too.

Federally, the Liarbrils are in a total mess. The National Interest is a bad, third in their line of priorities.
Ist the Liarbrils own survival.
2nd their donors interests.
3rd The nation. ...and that's one of the reasons why "The Ugly American" Murdoch is unhappy. Not only can these incompetents not properly implement his IPA agenda but now they’re not even thinking about it.

National Interest? Pfffft!

On “Insiders,” Savva gave Rabid,  Exteme Unction, Farr the eulogy and Crabbe delivered the jocular but incisive homily. Dead man Walking. The fool has now said that we are in "Day One of Good Government" which has only invited the obvious rejoinder : So is this an admission that the last 500 days were bad? 
Some are saying that this rabble is so ludicrous that it's impossible even to satirise them!
Take Kevin "medieval"Andrews.. including Julia Gillard with Rabid as the best leadership team... ??? And he never tried to correct himself....

It's the "Age of The Aspirational Bogan." Selfishness rules, Greed is a virtue and Compassion a sin.
I’m beginning to wonder whether we, as a nation can pull back from the abyss being presented and re-think our future?

Hoo-roo, Petals,

P.S. this is worth a read if you are interested in “Lifters and Leaners”….

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