Tuesday, 17 February 2015

having a dip at Wells

Shane at Wells
G'day Possums.. just a short one this week.

I've been having a gander at some English medieval architecture... interesting stuff it is too.

 The one in the pic is Wells Cathedral  might be worth a look I reckon.

More later...

Then there are some more from Atelier Paul Stewart...

Atelier Paul Stewart..125 Auburn Rd Hawthorn.

Wombat Droppings
or the chronicle of the demise of a Egalitarian Nation 

Saturn Devouring his Children
Saturn Devouring his Children
Well, Rabid-the-Hun, in his first act of consultative collegiality has sacked his "whip" and "Father of the House" Phillip Ruddock. Seems Rabid wants to hear more from his revolting back-benchers before the Ides of March.  Ruddock was a good Liarbril.   He was not what one would call a "good-bloke." Amnesty International asked him not to wear his Amnesty badge whilst on government business because of his treatment of Asylum seekers and he was investigated for alleged bribery on an immigration matter.... Ya gotta hand it to the Liarbrils, when loyalty needs showing it's often in very short supply.... 
It's been a week since "Good Government" allegedly has returned to Oz and Joe "Cereal-Toyota-Killer" Hockey after dropping his bottom lip at a tough interview with Sarah Henderson and getting her slapped on the wrist by ABC management has gone off sulking because no-one appreciated the genius of his first budget... and now he's got another one to do.... which sort of depends on the first.There is much speculation that Joe might soon  be a victim of another "Night of The Long Knives"episode.

Gillian Triggs, Human Rights Commissioner has handed down a damning report on child abuse in the Asylum Seeker concentration camps. Both sides of politics got hammered in the report but Rabid-the-Hun and some of his feral media lackeys decided that the best way to deal with child abuse was to viciously abuse the report's author.
Triggs' fellow Commissioner, Timmy"Twat-Freedom-Man" Wilson the ex IPA and Liarbril Libertarian who would have had a hand in producing the report for his $390,000.00 wage, has been unheard and unseen in defense of his boss. It would seem that not only does freedom of speech  not extend to raising concerns about child safety in concentration camps but neither is impartial advice needed.

The Libertarian
The Libertarian

Hallmarks of "Good Governance" for this Liarbril rabble seem to be brutish bullying and bully-boy intimidation.
Then there was "Von Ribbentrop" Turnbull play-acting the "good liarbril" on QandA last night. All soothing words and waffle... I nearly threw-up when he said that as a country we need research and innovation when he's wholeheartedly supported stripping funding from CSIRO research and he's responsible for bowdlerising the NBN that will cost the country big-time in the not too distant future.This pretend patrician, this shallow faker... Different Dunny..same shit.

So this is Orstraya! 
The Aspirational Bogan Paradise. 
Where mindless selfishness is applauded and anti-intellectualism celebrated, bully-boy behaviour practised and misogyny is humourous.

In their finest embodiment, characteristics found in abundance in our holy owned office-boys club, the Larbril Party.

Leadership…. Pffffft! 
Rule, that is strength

Hooroo, Petals.

PS ..and if you enjoy your sea-food please consider the ramifications of this, care of Fukashima Nuclear.
Radio-Active Contamination plume from Fukashima. 
And just remember, like Coal, Capitalism is good for you!

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