Monday, 27 October 2014

Tilting like Don Quixote

At the imaginary evil of alternative energy windmills with our cognitive dissonance cruelling the future.
Shane at Waubra....
Shane at Waubra....

G’day Petals,
I suppose the following is all Wombat Droppings again; my little chronicle of Australia’s slide from egalitarian democracy to  fascist state.

Went to a meeting t’other night in Lal-Lal … it was a meeting to  “inform” the public about Wind-Farms and alternative energy.
In reality it was a veritable lecture on the horrors of wind energy, it’s destruction/ Industrialisation of the landscape, the health issues, (it’s worse that Ebola) its costs and infrastructure non-viability and also a very, very, very big push for the conservative National Party in the forthcoming election in the “Tardis State” (Where-All-Goes-Backward).

Anti Wind-farm Meeting, Lal-Lal.
Anti Wind-farm Meeting, Lal-Lal.
As an exercise in fear mongering it took some beating.  
A Mixture of fact, myth, suppositions, appeals to sentiment and downright misleading projections all coddled together to reinforce in a largely negative rural audience the idea that change is bad!
The same hoary old myths of “potential” health issues when…
 “A study carried out by the research institute DK Teknik, in Denmark indicates that perception of the noise generated by a wind turbine has more to do with the individuals attitude to the wind turbines, than the actual noise itself.”
And similar studies done here show that the psychosomatic illnesses exhibited by some are exacerbated by fear campaigns alone. And that newer designs in machinery and blades actually reduce noise is never mentioned.
Always answer with a ½ truth; it’s harder to refute.

Anti Wind-farm Meeting, Lal-Lal.
Where's the Windmill, Not where's a Wally?

Then there was the costs of  “replacing-the–Turbines” every 25 years… will they have the millions and millions of dollars to do it?  And who wears the cost?  A fear-monger 1/2 truth, neatly stepping around the fact that “…replacement of rotor blades, gearbox and generator (IF REQUIRED) is about 15%-20% of the price of a new turbine and that estimated maintenance costs are in the range of 1.5% to 2% of the original investment per annum a day over the same two decades.”

When this “well-informed” speaker was asked by an audience member, ”What are the cost comparisons between wind and coal?” He said he didn’t know the answer.
But the answer is, coal is cheaper, only if you allow for its subsidies. On a production level, alternatives are really now cheaper than coal and gas.
Presently around $27.00 /KWH for alternatives, $23-24.00 /KWH for subsidised coal and gas and in Queensland with its greater use of solar, power is about $20.00/KWH.

“Studies show that electricity can be supplied from a new wind farm at a cost of [$80 per megawatt hour in Australian dollars], compared to [$143 per megawatt hour] from a new coal plant or [$116 per megawatt hour] from a new baseload gas plant, including the cost of emissions under the Gillard government’s carbon pricing scheme. However even without a carbon price (the most efficient way to reduce economy-wide emissions) wind energy is 14% cheaper than new coal and 18% cheaper than new gas.…”

Then on came the footballer….(and as he once played for Essendon, more than one of us quipped, ”What’s he on?”)
 “I remember," he intoned "when I was a young lad and bought the land for 2/6 and raised millions of cattle and  I’m-salt–of-the-earth-and-you-better-believe-it… blah, blah, blah!

Which was fine, somewhat  irrelevant, till he asked the audience, “How many here would want a Wind–Farm on their Property?” 
About 15- 20 hands went up….” Well, you’ll split the Community, that’s what you’ll do!” He spat out.

We don’t want change, you do, your wrong, we’re right! No discussion, be seen but not heard, speak when spoken to, eat your vegetables and watch you P’s and Q’s!

Bloody old fascist!

I left at that juncture.. musing that ex premier of The Tardis State “Big-Bird” Baillieu (Genus: Silvertail Incompetens) had been tarred as a veritable  Greenie Socialist, as had Pretend Premier, Dennis “Do-Do” (Genus: “Inutilis Rusticus”) Napthine, in their support of wind farms…?
After Baillieu brought in sighting restrictions so severe that 300 jobs went from the turbine plant in Naptime’s (sic) electorate and a further 100 have gone with the slashing of the RET, it’s really pushing the boat out a bit far in asserting that!

The only consistent in this meeting was one of closed minds, lack of imagination and a visceral hatred of anything that looked “Green, Conservation, Climate-Change or actually good sense.”
It's interesting just how visceral the hatred is ... completely unreasoned. It's almost as if they hate their god for not giving them imagination, talent, and vision.
How very conservative! How very unintelligent!

And the “Killer Line” from the night….
“Oh we don’t mind wind farms, we just want them where we can’t see them …besides..” (echoing Joe “Cereal-Toyota-Killer”) Hockey’s line, “..they industrialise the landscape.”

Bush in natural State
Bush Industrialised for Sheep and Cattle
And let's not forget that in NSW in  Gloucester in the Hunter, fracking wells (hydraulic fracturing) will be 
1/   500-600 meters from houses
2/   60 meters from the Avon River
3/      Located on a flood plane

What country are we living in?

Hoo-roo Possums,

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