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Shane Wombat goes off To Blood, Sand, Berks

Shane in Naqib
Shane in Naqib
 with Rabid-the-Hun’s malign IPA rabble to drop humanitarian bombs creating a real budget crisis.

But more of that later in “Wombat Droppings.”

Here, because it’s been  “World Ballet Day” or something… some more from the last session in class at Ballet Theatre Australia…

Ballet Theatre of Australia, Class

Ballet Theatre of Australia, Class

Ballet Theatre of Australia, Class
Ballet Theatre of Australia, Class

 … and something for spring; some Jonquils from the Wombat’s garden.


Wombat Droppings
A Chronicle Detailing
 Disappearing Egalitarianism of Oz.

So now we are at war again in the Middle East.
 “No we’re not,….it’s a Humanitarian Mission” stutters Prime Miniature, Rabid-the-Hun.
No… it’s not to support American Oil Companies to protect their assets, “…it’s to degrade the evil death cult ISIS and stop its terrorism and killing of people.” 
We will commit these “Humanitarian Acts” by dropping bombs on people, too.
Chiming in with his even-more-rabid-than-he colleagues, Peta “Bloody-Idiot” Credlin (his C of S), Cory “Bestiality” Bernardi,  Bronwen “Pompadour-Kerosene Bath” Bishop and PUP Senator, Jackie “Tassie-Wing-Nut” Lambie, Rabid-the-Hun opined that “he too, found the Burqa, confronting.”

Bestiality Bernardi
Bestiality Bernardi
After everyone had stopped laughing, particularly in the light of his penchant for displaying as much as his genitalia as possible with clothing on: in his “Budgie Smugglers” and his cycling Lycra. We found out that women wearing the Burqa had, by the Speaker Bishop and her Senate compatriot The Once Honourable Stephen Parry, been segregated when visiting Parliament to being placed behind a glassed in area specifically used for noisy schoolchildren.
It seems these women so attired, are a security risk.
Bronwen Bishop

I can only surmise that the Opera singer’s daughter didn’t like the costume and that he ex-copper was only trying to further embalm the truth like his fellow Senator Brandis.

It finally occurred to these Right-Wing paragons of intelligence, freedom, fair play and social harmony that A/ if the Burqa attired Women were indeed a security risk why would you place them with children? B/ did this little frolic contravene both the Racial discrimination and the Sex Discrimiation Acts? And C/ was it religiously intolerant and undemocratic?

Some unkind souls offered Rabid-the-Hun a Burqa…. to cover the Egg on his face.

The much vaunted, “Budget Crisis” will really happen because it’s now needed to fund a war.

War is not a crisis.
Welfare, education, health, superannuation and pensions and social harmony are.

It was interesting to note that ex-liarbril and fellow traveller of “Coot’s-With-Queer-Ideas-from-a-Parallel-Universe” (IPA) Timmy “Twat-Freedom-Man” Wilson was again nowhere to be heard on this issue.
It’s amazing what $330,000.00 p.a. doesn’t buy you.
Timmy"Twat-Freedom-Man" Wilson.
In speaking of Georgie “Bookshelves” Brandis… “Sotto Voce” of course, it now seems that our spy and security forces are not allowed to torture suspects, although what “torture” is exactly hasn’t been defined. But they will be able to arrest anyone publicly criticising their operational matters… e.g. reporting things like the bungled training raid in Melbourne some years back in a prominent hotel that involved Vic Police… or the raid on the Lawyer assisting Timor-Leste in its struggle for a fairer deal on its Oil reserves (actually, it’s to protect “Little Johnnie” Howard and then Foreign Minister, Alex “Things-That-Batter-Fish-Nets” Downer from prosecution?) or even perhaps the rumours that ASIO’s new “secure” headquarters in Canberra have already been compromised by Chinese Intelligence.. will land you in prison.

Geez, where’s Timmy ”Twat-Freedom-Man” when ya need ’im

It's the cynical erosion of trust by the right-wingers that has irreparably damaged the country.
They’ve been “grooming” the public for years… a touch here a touch there.. and now it’s time for the ”kill.”

The Liarbril pandering to the banalities of the Aspirational Bogan has brought its obvious reward in the Islamaphobia presently being witnessed.
Now, on so many levels, this place that was once admired throughout the world for its levels of acceptance and candour is now seen as foolish, narrow minded and cruel.
Thank you, Liarbrils and your lick-spittle IPA fellow-travellers for having only the vision of your donors at heart…lowest common denominator of medieval fuedalism.

The crux, of all this as expressed by America’s most successful investor Warren Buffet: "There’s class warfare, all right, but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making the war, and we’re winning."
"Rabid-The-Hun" is more of a threat because he has supporters within the “Bogan Aspirational” community and the backing of powerful vested interests.

His is the passport which should be cancelled.
His consorting with right wing “Tea-Party” ideologues in America is only damaging Australia’s future and its international reputation.

Hoo-roo Possums,


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