Tuesday, 16 September 2014

..to market a "Humanitarian" War

Shane Wombat with  fruit
Shane Wombat with  fruit
G'day Possums,

we've been off to market... the Vic market, that is  which is an interesting place for a wander and in Wombat Droppings, we'll have a gander at "Rabbutt-the-Huns" boyo enthusiasm for his "Humanitarian" war in Iraq.

As the market was closing for the day it was interesting to note just how much it had the feel of a circus being dismantled... somewhat forlorn and shorn of its dreams....

....with some of the goods looking for all the world like large Fruit Bats hanging from their roosts.

Vic Market
There were a lot of people eating.... all sorts of things and...
Vic Market
... taking photos...
Vic Market
and sometimes both at the same time.....

Vic Market

and  hair decorating

and mobiles isolating people in constant communication.

Lygon St Bear
The Lygon St Bear.... I've no idea why he's there...or if it is male...

Shop Front Lygon St, East Brunswick.

Wombat Droppings 
or how to lose a country

Last night I watched some Scientists  discuss what the future held for them. Their discussion exposed the paucity of imagination and complete lack of vision this present neo-fascist government exhibits. Their sense of despair in the political amateurs from Canberra was palpable and their constrained comments were couched in cautious terms knowing that bold criticism would only make things worse and probably bring vicious retribution via further funding cuts.

We now have some of our best research scientists sorting mail, servicing photocopiers and doing everything a maintenance worker should because of the cuts of over $100,000,000.00 to CSIRO.
And "Rabbutt-the-Hun's" brilliant decision not to have a Science Minister makes pleading their case all the more problematical.
But then, he's busy... he's got himself a "Humanitarian"War to play with.
.Y'know one of those wars where you have to kill people to save them 
Not content that his mentor, "Little Johnnie" Howard as Prime Miniature was complicit in the lies over "Weapon's of Mass Destruction" and as responsible as Bush and Blair in the destruction of Iraq in "saving" it from Saddam Hussein,  thereby assisting in the proliferation of Al Qaeda and its murderous spawn The Islamic State; now "Rabbutt-the Hun" wants his shot at reflected glory.
Of course, it has nought to do with the most unpopular budget since Federation, or the complete prats his Ministers make of themselves every time they open their mouths
It has nothing to do with the economy slowly going belly-up, unemployment rising or the stench of real corruption seeping ever closer to Canberra. It has nothing to do with the despair our scientists feel or that of many young people now faced with a huge debt for wanting to be educated or the fear of super-annuants watching their government erode their savings whilst bolstering the caches of the wealthy. 
Nah, none of that... we're gunna save the world... with 600 SAS, 8 Super-hornets, one AWAC and probably a Partdrige in a Pear tree. 
"Rabbutt-the-Hun" is probably Madder than the Hatter! 
This is like the fights he had at Oxford, or the kicking down of  doors and punching holes through walls as a student at Sydney Uni. Aggression, agression, agression.
Does he sound like a psychopath?
Now, on a world stage he can strut and play hero. And cause more death and destruction and misery as he pretends to chase down the approximately 60 loopy Jihadists that have left Oz and who in all likelihood would be arrested on return to these shores after being "heroes" themselves in another world
Is Abbott really mad?
His government is almost totally dysfunctional, vision-less for our long term future, let alone Iraq's.
So much for all the lies about a budget emergency. He, like his mentor, "Little Johnnie" is squandering the country's future because he's incapable of being a real leader.
And let's not mention Senator Arty "Da Spiv" Sinodinas who happily walked from the ICAC enquiry thinking he was off the hook. Poor Arty, paid Zillions for 5 minutes of meetings by a shonky business and chair of the Liarbril's NSW finance committee channeling  illegal donations of which he says "I know Nuffin" ... oohhh dear... he's either stupid, corrupt or incompetent or all... but George "Bookshelves" Brandis thinks that "... as a man of integrity" it's time he re-joined the rest of the conservative incompetents regardless of these qualifying impediments. Stupid? Corrupt? Incompetent?... but has integrity? 

Hoo-roo Petals,
The only Terrorists I know in Australia

Night lights
.Night Lights, the Way Ahead

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