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Trolls and Bogans

G'day Possums...
New Aussie Flag
Idea for flag...

 It's been a quiet time Xmas came and went and I found a couple of cousins locked in a car on a hot day....terrible things those humans do to us... not unlike what they do to each other...

cousins trapped in car on hot day

Still life with Flowers
OC meets Ikea.

Vine Leaves
Vine leaves

Interior light
light, wall and ceiling

Wombat Droppings or Low-down politics in Oz 

What is a Troll or a Bogan?
The term bogan is Australian and New Zealand slang from, usually pejorative or sometimes self-deprecating for an individual who is recognised to be from an unsophisticated background or someone whose speech, clothing, attitude and behaviour exemplifies a lack of manners and education..(Wiki)
Then there is the question put in Peer Gynt: What is the difference between troll and man?
The answer given by the Old Man of the Mountain is: "Out there, where sky shines, humans say: 'To thyself be true.' In here, trolls say: 'Be true to yourself and to hell with the world.'  Egoism is a typical trait of the trolls in this play.
Seems apt for the present rabble of Federal Government.

Ahh, but you’ve got to admire the talent the Liarbril’s have in their party.
Cory “Bestiality” Bernardi has written another book; How to be a Revolting Fascist. This one saying that step-parents, single mothers, all lefties, homosexuals, dog-lovers and people who don’t think like him will all burn in hell after their unbalanced children have been incarcerated for existing.  “Bestiality’s” book has broken all records on Amazon for the number of reviews it has received, over 500 so far and this link will allow you to join in the genuinely funny offerings.So popular is it that the price has dropped by $10.00 already....

Liarbril pre-selection interviews for candidates must go something like:
Cory, did John like Betty or Scotty?
Why do you blush, Cory?
It’s alright Cory, Malcolm’s not here, you can say what you feel.
Oh.. ok, ok, we understand, you don’t want to talk with Chrissie Pyne either…

We know that no-one understands you Cory. That’s why people will vote for you. Even Mandy said she’d tolerate you…so stop playing with your paddles and come back and tell us why Scotty is bad.
So you think female genital mutilation is OK, too?  Ohh, you can't tamper with tradition and not expect there to be adverse consequence?
And you really think Cory,  that the absence of religion in politics and its diminished role in society has left Australia bereft of direction?
Can you find your own way out? 
They’ve got talent…Yep!! 

dave graney
Dave Graney Cartoon

The really worrying element in this addition to the lexicon of Liarbril insanity is that like "Little-Johnny" Howard's muted response to the racism of Pauline Hanson, later appropriated as policy; "Rabbott" Abbott's response to "Bestiality's" lurid and evil rantings has been as muted, too. And as we have seen, "Rabbott" not being one of enormous imagination or creativity by his silence is signalling where this country is headed. 
Some too kind person said, "Abbott?...He'll grow into the job..."    
Like a cancer in the bowels of the country

When the lesson comes.. it will be terrible

Cheers Petals

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