Friday, 17 January 2014

Quislings and Pie in the Sky

G’day fellow marsupials…
It’s a bit warm here atm… has been over 40C for four days and there’s a big fire 150Km to the burrows west that is creating its own weather pattern and which is estimated grow as big as 500,000 hectares so it’s not a piddly little burn-off we’re waffling about.

Shane Wombat under Cover
Shane under cover

Even though our Great "Rabbott" Leader has proven with his "Murdoch-mandate" that climate change is "crap" it might be a good time to finally elucidate how his "direct action" plan will mitigate global warming.
So we’ve been undercover for a day or three and it’s good to report that the lower levels of the burrow are quite comfortable.

 But that has its “stir-crazy” elements and I started photographing leaves....


......It might be about here that you place your index finger against your lips wobble it up and down quickly whilst blowing hard.


 And then there was this one from a recent ballet performance shoot which I found quite weird. Check out the lower part of the Spanish dress. And ignore my timing.

Wombat Droppings or Low-Down Oz Politics
In a move redolent of the cupidity for the times, VECCI, which counts some of the country’s wealthiest businesses among its 5800 dues-paying members, posted an operating profit of $3.55 million in 2012-13. It holds $73.3 million in assets and paid more than $20.4 million in wages to 248 employees wants to register itself as a charity. 
Yes, really!!                                                                                                
According to the Victorian State Revenue Office, a charity is an organisation whose purposes is “exclusively … the advancement of education, religion, relief of poverty or other purposes beneficial to the community.”    
Pies in the sky
Pretend Education Minister

The education “guru” tasked with reforming Australia’s national curriculum by the federal government’s Minister, Pyne “The Whyne” The Perfect-Prat-of-a-Prefect is a Dr Kevin Donelly who was previously employed by tobacco firm Phillip Morris to design a school program teaching children about peer pressure and decision making that did not discuss the health dangers of smoking. 
He has also written such gems as “Don’t let class envy wreck school choice” and “Tertiary institutions discriminating against the middle class” from his home business “The All-Australian Institute of Ethically and Homophobically Sound a-You-Beaut Education Doddle” (or something like that) which will replace the 5 years of research that the team of educationalists that Gonski led  and provided the latest report on.
But he said his work would be independent and provided that “many parents” would consider homosexuality “abnormal behaviour”, and  the reality that gays, lesbians and same-sex couples with children are a very small minority and that  such groups do not represent the mainstream,” also called for the Bible to be taught in state schools.

Pies in the sky

The assistant treasurer Arthur “Ebebnezer Scooge” Sinodinos announced that “consistent with the Coalition’s election commitment to reduce compliance costs for small business, financial advisors and consumers”, the legislation would be “improved”.
Gone will be the requirement to send all clients an annual statement  pertaining to an opt out clause to fees paid annually to the original advisor. It will apply only to new clients, signed up from July 2013. Older clients (most),won’t be told how much they are continuing to pay to someone who was once their adviser. They will be able to keep the income stream and sell it when they sell their businesses.  One statement once a year would have been “overly onerous” in other words, “screw you !”

Pies in the sky

“Rabbott’s at war! Having had the Navy shoot at Asylum Seeker boats, towed them back into Indonesians waters, he and Scott “The Drone” Morrison Australia’s first Minister for Non-Immigration have decided to supply the “Boat People” with  life-boats and enough petrol to make it back to Indonesia….. Indonesians seem less than impressed having their border zone being breached by Australia... so Abbott’s and Morrison’s manic behaviour may just get us the crusade they are wishing, looking for. 
Morisson, true to Liarbril form after the Indons told us to "F..K O.F", said, "It's not my fault, the Navy did it!"
"That's not govt. policy, I'll have them all keel-hauled."

Abbott & Morrison

 Could you call him a Quisling for taking Australia down this evil path?

Pies in the sky

For Americans reading this …if you think I’m making this up ….I’m not.
Our new regime (I can’t call it a Government) is making your Tea-Party look like rank amateurs.

Cheers possums,
PS a lovely bon mot  to finish on
“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

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