Wednesday, 11 September 2013 see the Fat Lady Sing.


and the Ballarat Foto Biennale Fringe ‘13
Episode 5

G’day Possums,
being “The Age of Selfies” and not wanting to be left out I just had to grab an opportunity on election day with Labour MLA for Ballarat East, Geoff Howard.
Geoff Howard MLA
selfie with Geoff Howard
We were at the polling booth handing out how-to-vote cards … an exercise remarkable for experiencing the variety of responses an electorate can display and if you think you know your area’s demographic: stand around a polling booth for a couple of hours. It’s is a perfect way to be informed that you probably don’t
It was a day for old friends, being joined by an one at the booth and later travelling up to Ballarat to meet two others to wander around the 2013 Ballarat Foto Biennale.
We had arranged to meet at my exhibition venue, “The Bean Barn” where we also met Barbara Smith, photographer from Canberra and happily received compliments from a couple of other visitors looking at the show.  

Shane and a shy BS at Bean Barn
One of the really good things about the Foto Biennale are these chance meetings and conversations.  Points of view, experiences and ideas are exchanged and you understand better how the event has affected people and how they see “Photography” and its contemporary development.
Good too, was the opportunity to re-view various exhibitions and debate the merits of works seen before and at times re-evaluate your impressions in the light of another’s vision and opinion.

young lust in Ballarat

I’ve also been able to shoot some more ballet stuff but will visit the biennale ‘13 again to wrap up in a few more days.....

Ballet Class
Ballet Class

Ballet Class
Ballet Class

Ballet Class
Ballet Class

Ballet Class
Ballet Class

Wombat Droppings or Politics in OZ

Well as the title says ….The Fat Lady has Sung… and 

the Age of the Aspirational Bogan has arrived

“Rabbott” has won his “Murdoch” mandate and duly paraded his daughters as Vestal-Virgin “eye-candy” on the altar of his ambition.
Trust us!
Kev 07+6 oddly looked jolly happy and seemed in defeat to have taken a cue from the Rob Oakeshott method of 20-minute-speech-making.
 The Labor vote was at its lowest in 100 years: the swing throughout the nation was uneven and the rout wasn’t nearly as bad as the right-wing trolls advertised for. 
The funniest result is that Liarbril, Opposition Minister for Manufacturing, Sophie “Pit-Bull” Mirabella looks like she’ll lose her seat to a conservative independent. With a swing of nearly 10% this time, “Pit-Bull” has managed to take the very safe Liarbril seat of Indi to a marginal one in her twelve years as member.

Well done, Sophie!


Consistent (?) with the “truth” of his relentless messaging that everything was in crisis “Rabbott” is now saying “…we’ll be methodical, thoughtful, measured and careful”…. as we plod our way back to the 1950’s.
Trust us!

The first act this “Government-for-grown-ups” enacted was a pay-back: a petty, vindictive and malicious revocation of ex Labor premier Steve Bracks’ appointment as Consul-General to New York..... a few days before he and family were to leave.
Trust us!
Incoming Attorney-General, George “Loose-Lips” Brandis opined that Labor had given Mr Bracks the job as ''a gift''. ''Mr Bracks has no obvious credentials for that job.” He said.
Trust us!

Watch this man… when his slit of a mouth opens.. unvarnished truth is rarely spilt.
Trust us!

The Stalinist Revisionist history method is well under way by the Liarbrils but it would seem that the “social” media is not going to allow them the luxury of constant uncontested lying any more.
The most Jurassic candidate to win a seat, Clive “Titanic2” Palmer (leader of PUPS) has with millions spent, yapped his way into parliament with two senate candidates as well. Disagreeing on policy already,"Titanic 2" and his pups will re-define notions of conflict of interest, pork-barrelling and parliamentary privilege, probably all at once. We may find we've been sold a pup!
Trust us!
Leigh Sales, ABC “7:30” squawked something like “… a triumphant return of the Liarbrils…”
I didn’t see if there was a puddle under her desk.

Worse was to come with her "... as a settled order descends on Canberra compared to the chaos of the last three years...." or some-such partisan non-news,  she conveniently misleads the audience by ignoring the disruptively negative nonsense served up by Liarbril minions during those three years that was the cause of the chaos.
A cardbord cut-out of a journalist.
I hope Sabra Lane is a better journo… but perhaps she’s not… here’s a response to a blog on the subject
 “I've given up on listening to interviews with Sabre Lane, her disrespect is only outdone by her lack of knowledge of the subject matter.  In fact most political journalists appear to base their questions on articles in the “Australian” or liberal "fact" sheets.
Cheers petals,
Welcome to The Age of The Aspirational Bogan.


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