Thursday, 5 September 2013 the BIFB fringe again


BIFB Fringe’13  
Episode 4

Shane Wombat BIFB'13 fringe
G’day Possums,
A short one this time; only four shows.
Venue 14 The Unicorn Hotel is showing The Illuminers’ “Illuminated Environments” a collective of four with some interesting imagery and approaches.
Sharon Greenaway BIFB'13 fringe
Christine Sayer (seen before) BIFB'13
Kate Dixon BIFB '13 fringe
Unicorn Hotel BIFB'13
Cafe’ de Oro, Venue 18 hosts some works "Sri Lanka" by Nic Bauer.
Nic Bauer BIFB '13 fringe
Carmel Riordan’s “Symphony for a city “ is at CafĂ© Europa, Venue23.
A somewhat mixed collection, the B/W’s having quite a 30’s European feel and others particularly the small collages printed on canvas, I thought, less successful as the texture of the canvas tended to break up the detail and meaning…
Carmel Riordan BIFB '13 Fringe
David Simmonds' and Sandra Curtis’ works at St Patrick’s Hall  (entrance is at right/ front), Venue “H” (there’s a core show there, too) is the pick of this fringe bunch.
Both are beautifully presented sets of work: personal and meditative, drawing you in to investigate further. I think the venue worked a treat for these works, too.
David Simmonds BIFB '13 Fringe
Sandra Curtis BIFB'13 fringe
St Pats Hall, BIFB '13 fringe

And in passing...

  Dean Cannon, from Kangaroo Island at
 Europa Cafe'........ good bloke ..really enjoyng Ballarat and the Biennale

....... and Armani meets Ballarat


Wombat Droppings or Politics in Oz.

Well, the pundits say it’s all over bar the shouting and given that some 10% of the population have voted early, that common wisdom says that the “swing” is on if people are out early to vote: the pundits are probably correct.
“Rabbott” will release all his policies and costings today… two days before the vote date and a day before the media “Black-out”.
Honest and trustworthy? 
Scott ”The Drone” Morrison has announced that they will not be allowing details of their “Turn-Back-the-Boats” operational cruelty to be reported in the public domain.
Honest and trustworthy?
Liarbril Candidate (allegedly with sex-appeal) Fiona Scott has conflated the number of asylum seekers entering the country with the traffic problems in the electorate she’s contesting
Honest and trustworthy?
This article puts it all succinctly…

Reserve Bank, Woolworth’s and Fairfax Press Board member, Roger Corbett gets stuck into Kev 07 +6 in interview t’other night.
Failing to mention he’s a member of the Liarbril party is one thing but espousing IPA insanities by suggesting that the ABC be more limited in what it does is another.
Because, as he said, ABC is competing with other profit driven media companies?
Hmmm… let’s hear it for competition …ooohh, hang-on, it’s a Woolworth’s style competition he wants!
I think Corbett's abilities in directing a media company are there for all to see with the current financial state that Fairfax press is in and how it has lost out to more innovative products by being conservatively ignorant of technological change. (ooh, my goodness, shades of Labor's NBN)
He later attended a $500.00 a head fundraiser for the Liarbrils.
Beware... the Huns are at the Gate.....

... difficult not to do in some electorates.

The "right" will blather on and on and on that “Rabbott” has-a-mandate to do all things; most that were perhaps only mentioned but never debated…like the internet filter.... oops.. rescind that ... aaahh, that's not a policy .... uummm !
Makes you wonder if this rabble could run a chook raffle in a pub!
Why was Joe "Oh-What-a-Feeling" Hockey sweating so much when putting his figure to the press? Knows they're shonky perhaps?

Will "Rabbott" have a Mandate?
Yes....sort of...a Murdoch of a mandate.
One as legitimate and as admissible in court as is the confession extracted under duress!

The Apotheosis of the Aspirational Bogan is nearly here.

See-ya Sports,

The Australian Index

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