Thursday, 8 August 2013

Fair dinkum ...It's On...

Wombat Droppings: Fair Dinkum.. It’s On and Murdoch is off.

Shane with a mate.

Liarbril candidate for Greenway Jaymes Diaz has his 5 minutes of embarrassment and showcases the levels of talent the Liarbrils are blessed with.

And this is what the Ugly American, “Phone Hack” Murdoch wants to see in Parliament?
Julie “Death Stare” Bishop opines that Rudd is fantasizing about the campaign being waged by the Murdoch press. 
She neglected to say which parallel universe she was speaking from.

will taylor Photo
Will Taylor riposte to Murdoch merde.

Laborite Far North Ex-Premier Peter Beattie has called his wife’s bluff about killing him if he returns to politics and is standing for the Federal seat of Forde… dumped candidate Des Hardman may be planning to revise wife’s idea and implement it himself.

Scottt “The Drone” Morrisson sees no conflict of interest in taking a trip to Nauru funded by Toll Holdings who supply tents and equipment for asylum seeker habitation. Nah, no conflict of interest there…..just good-ol backscratching.
And as one wag reminded us, it was “The Drone” who thought up the “Where-The-Hell-Are-You” ad campaign (when he was allegedly assaulting his fellow workers) at Tourism Australia so it’s a bit hard to understand his vehemence about the boat arrivals when the indications are it was a very successful campaign.
Oohh.. they’re not tourists …they want to stay?  That’s different.

Tony “Rabbott” says, “Me too, Sir, me too!” and supports Labor’s plans for the Gonski education funding reforms. Opposition Education Minister Chris “The Whyne” Pyne, without batting an eyelid, agrees. 24 hours earlier he thought it was awful and dumb which just goes to show that there is no such thing as a certainty, knowledge, trustworthiness or commitment. "Rabbott" and Joe "Oh-What-a-Feeling" Hockey can't agree on whether they will trust Treasury to project budget figures. But this is not an indication that they're a rabble wanting a brawl.No..... this is the next government
Both “Rabbott” and “The Whyne” also neglected to say which parallel universe they were communicating from.
“The Whyne’s “ mouth is a study in itself ….I’ve noticed that the lower part of the lips and jaw operate in a vertical fashion very much like a ventriloquist’s dummy.
Prototype Cyberman perhaps? 

Rogues Gallery
A rogues Gallery
 These are very scary people, they will build nothing.

Another Far North candidate for One Nation (read.. little notion) had this to say …
.....with that level of competence we can understand that she really didn’t even know what parallel universe she was still in!

McDonald’s, allegedly purveyors of  “food” have called in a favour from Vic (Tardis State, Where-All-Goes-Backward) Police to remove a protester from the roof of a proposed site for the diabetes inducing clinic. 14 Divvy Vans and 50 Rozza’s for one woman. 
That’s a lot of burgers and fries there, fellows!
Residents of Tecoma don’t want the diabetes inducing clinic opposite a Kindergarten and after Council knocked back the development the Greasy Arches took it off to VCAAT and got their way. 
Another wag has said, ”You have two possible decisions from VCAAT. Pro development and Ultra Pro-Development”!
Who set up VCAAT in this form?  Why our old mate, the Dorian Gray of Tardis State politics Jeff “Bully-Boy” Kennett of course!   
Another Kennett cock-up where the residents of Tecoma are the ones being “Jeffed”
after being served writs and could possibly lose their homes...... all over junk food!
Police Commissioner Lay assures that the 7 month investigation into Liarbril, Geoff Shaw and the alleged rorting of  Shaw's government car allowance is near final. 
Hmmm.... he must have provided lots and lots and lots of burgers and fries.

Pretend Premier, Dennis “Inutilus Rusticus” Napthine is getting all “hairy-chested” over the fate of his $8,000,000, 000.00 tunnel of faint hopes. 
But says “Rabbott” will support his rail proposal. “Rabbott” says, “Bullshit!”
Transurban doesn’t even want to know about it. There is no business case. There are no solid projections on traffic movement. 
Leigh Sales (ABC, 7:30) interviewing technique with Rudd was more like “Push-Polling” with poor manners. Oh, dear……oh dear.

Cheers Possums,… you want fries with that?

 Something nice to finish
Art Nouveau water jug and roses
The Swan lawrencew
Bec R.

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