Sunday, 7 April 2013

..making a Ballan Portrait

G’day Possums,

Following the Ballan Autumn Festival and my concentration on “street-photography” during that day, the idea occurred that a replication of the style of the German photographer August Sander ( might be worth the effort. 

The monthly Ballan market being due and with lots of locals attending made that event the ideal time to make a small “portrait” of Ballan.

By 8:30am on the day I had selected a position, set up my sign, “Free Photo-Portraits” and began to wait.

First taker was C.B. from Bacchus Marsh and one of the stall-holders, who happily, in conversation clearly understood what I was attempting …

Ballan Portrait

To be followed by…
Ballan Portrait
Robert S.

 And all the other “sitters”…in order of shooting to appreciate the sun’s movement over the next three hours.  ( Right Click the image to copy and paste into a folder)
Ballan Portrait
Peter B from NSW
Ballan Portrait
Claudia and Tara
Ballan Portrait
Courtney Y

Ballan Portrait
Marty and Clancy L

Ballan Portrait
Caroline H.
Ballan Portrait
Hedditch Family
Ballan Portrait
Peter S.
Ballan Portrait
The Meadows
Ballan Portrait
Nina R and Family (and i've got the other file, too.)
Ann M, Turtle, Chloe S
Ballan Portrait
Max Z
Ballan Portrait
Melissa G and Chopin
Ballan Portrait
Tyler W
Ballan Portrait
John M

Ballan Portrait
John D
Ballan Portrait
Kim, Sarge and Pippa
Ballan Portrait
The Omnibus Mob
Ballan Portrait
Keith and Lynn

There will be a small exhibition of these shots at

“Expressions of Love” CafĂ©, 130a Inglis St. from Saturday April 13th.  

They will look quite different viewed as a group than they do in this on-line presentation so it may be worth a visit.

I would like to thank all the subjects who generously participated in this exercise. I really appreciate your forbearance and hope you like your individual portrait and that you think Ballan looks good, too.

And finally, Rod Harrison and wife in and out front of their store...congratulations.

The Harrisons

Wombat Droppings

What’s the difference between Jeff (Bully-Boy) Kennett (the Dorian Gray of Tardis State Politics), Rupert (what’s a Phone Hacker?) Murdoch, Gina (Our Biggest Miner) Rinehart, Tony (Tunnel-Vision) Abbott, Cardinal George (Graceless) Pell, and Kim ( put-em-up, put-em-up) Jong-un ?

Kim (put-em-up, put-em-up) Jong-un  didn’t score an invite to the IPA’s “Night of the Right”.

Which is a pity, ‘cause he might have sourced a few free bits of “intell” on how to destroy a country from the IPA’s dictatorial guest list.

That the IPA has lasted 70 years is testament to its inexorably cancerous and gangrenous malignancy in the body politic.

Chief Speechmaker for the night American, Rupert (what’s a Phone Hacker?) Murdoch opined on arrival in Oz that Govt. moves against 457 visa rorts were racist!

This, from him whose scandal-sheets had to be closed down and whose staff were corrupt and corrupted others…give us a break!

His press here in Oz has been beating up a frenzy of vituperative spin over changes to superannuation.

It seems that a tax of 15% on earnings over $100,000.00 is going to “roon-the-place” …

Abbott ….

 …. thinks it’s “Class War”.. It is! …the top 5% of the wealthy are ripping off 95% of the population because of Peter (I had a Baton) Costello’s exercise in fiscal-mismanagement-for-the-self-interested in 2006.

Jeff (Bully-Boy) Kennett (the Dorian Gray of Tardis State Politics) has been lashing out again : not satisfied with back-stabbing Big Bird Baillieu (Genus: Silvertail Incompetens), the ex president of  the Hawthorn Football Club has inspired its bete-noir, Geelong Football club to defeat Hawthorn for the tenth time straight.

I wonder if one could do a PH,D into the “Anti-Midas Effect” this person has ?

Matty (What’s-a-Green-Wedge?)Guy has been at it again, letting developers run the Tardis State and proposing that National Parks be “improved” by private development.

Two police officers and two government compliance officers visited the wetland on opening morning of the Duck-Killing season and failed to detect dead waterbirds.     Almost 800 ducks were shot and left in the water, along with 155 non-game birds, including about 40 rare freckled ducks and several black swans.    About 150 shooters are believed to have been at the wetland on opening morning.
Agriculture Minister Peter(Quacker)Walsh said he was "furious" over the incident and hunting groups have asked members to name those responsible.
(from the Weekly Times)

Laurie Levey (Anti-Duck Hunting) activist, said, "Now the government plans to cut the red tape; encouraging children as young as 12 to fire guns at wildlife by removing licensing fees and testing requirements.
"Duck shooters represent 0.4 per cent of Victorians, yet the government seems hell-bent on pandering to this minority, encouraging a 'sport' that facilitates animal cruelty.
Already three anti-duck shooting activists have been fined and two will face court after their attempts to disrupt legal shoots.

No shooters have been charged as yet.

Ahhh… the Tardis State… where all goes backward.
...and this may put things into context 

Cheers petals,

The Australian Index

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