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Lessons from Class

Lesson from Class

G’day Possums,

Often when attending to class shoots I have no pre-conceived idea before starting to photograph.
This is because each class has its own mood and social dynamic and I think it's better to follow the dynamic and not impose a layer of ego.

ballet class
Before Class
 An idea was presented very quickly. It was about space and the formal relationships of the figures in that space.

pas de Deux
Ballet Class: Pas de Deux: Bethany and Jack
Ballet Class

BalletTeacher in Class
Ballet Class: Teacher

I shouldn't have to say it but none of these images are posed but all are manipulated to some degree...more of that, in a minute...

Ballet Injury
Wounded Dancer

ballet Class
Olivia and Alex: Pas de Deux

I liked the space the following shots presented it appeard to me like a stage space..

Ballet Class: Teacher
Ballet Class: Teacher

Laura: Jete

 ...and it occurred to me here that the flurry of movement might be enhanced with a slow shutter speed and the camera on tripod..

Pas de Deux
Pas de Deux
Pas de Deux
Pas de Deux
Pas de Deux
Pas de Deux
and later during post process I wondered if I could extend the "space" feel by collaging two shots this ....

....and this....


Wombat Droppings

Federal Liarbril’s did “A-Show-and-Tell” on the first of their policies.
From a position of not believing in the NBN, “Rabbit” Abbott had the man he replaced, Malcolm (“Show-me-the-Money”)Turnbull announce how they had “turned- about” 180 from the last election and now embraced high technology in communication.
They have replaced the string between the  two tin cans with copper!


Presentation: 4/10  
Malcolm looked embarrassed.
“Rabbott” knew he was in a wrong place where people could ask extended questions.
The Foxtel logo behind them sort of gave it all away.
Content: Heeeeeeeeeeee, 2/10

Even the core of the right-wing press was hard put to “spin” their announcement as other than a cheap joke whilst trying not to mention how their “policy” protects the media interests of “The Ugly American” Murdoch and presents Australians with another expensive dogs–dinner much like “Bully-Boy”Kennett’s (the Dorian Gray of the Tardis State) approach to privatisation in Victoria.
So, one policy…. Nah….No policy.
Let’s now see their “spin” on the other 74 pieces of Thathcher-ite / Friedman-ite GFC inspired loony-ness from the queer coots of the IPA that Abbott said at the “Night of the Right”, he supported….

Scott (The-Big-Drone) Morrison actually wants to use miliary drones to locate asylum seeker boats so he can then sool a navy patrol vessel onto them and tow them back to where they came from. Ex Admiral said drily in a TV interview, “Hmmm, it’s 2500 miles back to Sri Lanka, that’s a long tow!”

Morrisson drone
A Morrison Drone flying a Kite.....

Margaret Thatcher has died.
Many in Britain celebrated her demise by sending “Ding-Dong-the-Witch’s-Dead” to the top of the charts again. That this woman is still impacting on generations beyond the period of her control says much for the divisiveness of her rule and the fact that the gap between rich and poor is now three times wider than it was at the start of her rule points to how nastily anti- social and vicious her policy’s were.
Take note Australia:

Tony Abbott is a fan of the “Iron Lady” and it will do you no good after ten years of his rule to complain that you didn’t know that he was going to slash Medibank, cripple health funding, privatise education, SBS and the CSIRO abolish the ACCC, make political donations fully secret, destroy wages and conditions of employment.

Like Mein Kampf, it is all written down in the IPA’s 75 “suggestions” for policy…..   so there is no excuse for saying after the event that “I didn’t think it would come to this”.

Tardis State (Where-All-Goes-Backwards) Minister for Skools (note: not, Education), Martin (Plasticine) Dixon has suggested that school councils be given the right of Fire/Hire over principals.
Hmmmm ….yeah, let’s give the “aspirationals” more control over the professionals of their field.
It worked a treat at Mowbray!
What did the liquidator say of the people who ran that place, “… well meaning amateurs!”

Tardis State (Where-All-Goes-Backward), ex Minister for Mis-Planning Matty ( What’s-a-Green-Wedge) Guy has been demoted to holding the drinks tray for developers…. or something like that… and is for once no-where to be seen over the collapse of a wall in central Melbourne which killed a brother and sister ( all of one family’s children) and a research student from France.
Seems there’s a bit of rather putrid “buck-passing” between Melbourne City Council and the Planning (sic) Dept. of State Govt. as to who approved the wall and the hoardings on it.

Pretend Premier, Dennis (Inutilis Rusticus) Napthine has collaged the Dept of Environment and the Dept of Forestry into one: as one wit said, “….departmental mergers linking the environment to agriculture and planning to infrastructure was like putting an arsonist in charge of the fire brigade!”
And when questioned on radio a week after the slaughter of the 800 “protected” water birds  “Inutilis Rusticus” said he would “… look into the allegations!”
Probably with the same assiduousness as looking into Geoff (“What’s-a-Car-Allowance”) Shaw’s alleged rorts.
It seems odd that as an ex-Veterinarian, Pretend Premier Napthine would condone and support the mass slaughter of protected native species…and extend the slaughtering opportunities to 12 year olds. 
Promising a new ‘‘open for business’’ culture with fewer bureaucratic bottlenecks, Pretend Premier, Dennis (Inutilis Rusticus) Napthine has announced plans to merge the departments of transport and planning to create a new mega-department of Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure.
(But there’s no plan that we can discern except for making it easier for developers to make profit from state owned assets)
Sounds like a Kennett of an idea to me!
The departments of environment and primary industries will be merged into a single entity, led by Agriculture Minister Peter(Quacker)Walsh. There will also be a new Department of State Development and Business Innovation, jointly overseen by State Development and former Police Minister, Peter(I-Know-Nuffin) Ryan and Innovation Minister Louise (Meow) Asher.”
Who said the Liabrils lacked humour?
Only imagination!

Labor continues to implode …it will soon be a Black-Hole.
They’ve announced 2 Billions in cuts to University’s to pay for Primary and Secondary education…Conservative State Premiers are furious …they wanted to do that!
Pretend Premier (“Inutilis Rusticus”) Napthine railed about it conveniently misleading the public by saying that he had increased funding to TAFE whilst at the same time ignoring the increase was only half of what Big Bird Baillieu (Genus:Silvertail Incompetens) had cut in the first place!

Melbourne Football Club is providing the best argument yet for pay by performance!

Cheers Petals,

The Australian Index

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