Thursday, 31 January 2013

..saying "It's all about Trust"

Shane on Straya Di

G'day Petals,
here are some shots from BTA'S recent Summer School ....
Olivia and Jack

Jack and Mia

Laura and Jack

Mark Brinkley with repertoire

Bethany and Jack

Ben Davis choreographing

Position, Position, position

 Hope you enjoyed these .....

Wombat Droppings

Senator “Bestiality” Bernardi (associate of Dutch Ultra–Right winger, Geert Wilders) thinks his involvement with the American Legislative Exchange Council is not a conflict of interest and that we don’t need more gun laws and that it’s all-right to have tobacco sponsorship and apparently it’s all-right too, to dud your divorced partner by hiding money from them…and multi-culturalism..?.. that sucks, too!

It’s all about trust isn’t it?

Bernardi has been reported as having "ratted" on one of colleagues who allegedly said that he only joined the Liabril party because he lived in a Liarbral held seat. If it had have been a Labor seat he would have joined the Labor party!  
What a friend!

It’s all about trust isn’t it?

The ALEC was also involved in a High Court challenge against the Gillard’s and Roxon’s anti-smoking legislation last year and has financial ties in the U.S. with big tobacco and the NRA. It is assisting them to counter any moves President Obama might try in getting gun reform.
I wonder if Bernardi views Rush Limbaughb as the intellectual role-model for commentators and radio journalists?

Whilst Mr “Rabbott” is no-where to be seen on these issues (but seething with his own ambitions, probably understands) he and Joe “Oh what a Feeling” Hockey are calling confusingly different “motherhood” shots on whether the Liabrils can post a surplus if they get into government.
But “Rabbott” “did-a-runner” again! Rather than face media scrutiny about policy after “Big Red” pulled a “swifty” in announcing the election date for nine months hence, “Rabbott” ran away …like he tried to in Parliament!

It’s all about trust isn’t it?

Oohhh… look over there! A rabbit!

Not that any of this really matters.

What matters are the decoy tactics employed…..stir up a little “shit” here, another little bit there…continually creating a sense of crisis, bang-on about how much better you will be, how much more stable things will be (although you’ve got few policies worth mentioning)… the electorate is so stupid they’ll keep watching the football, tennis, grand prix’s and cooking comps where over-feted “chefs” actually work at paying their staff less and less ….whilst we bask in the glow of their sophistication
Release your policies a week out from the actual election so that they can’t be adequately scrutinised and claiming that you haven’t the resources but constantly slip in the word “audit” so that you can tell the electorate when you’re in power that all the money’s gone and you’ll have to slash everything.
But you were warned about an audit!

It’s all about trust isn’t it?

Jeff “Bully-Boy” Kennett, (the Dorian Gray of Tardis State Politics) got all wound up this week when it was revealed (again) that Bernie Eccelstone milks the Tardis State (Where All Goes Backward) out of $30,000,000 for his fee for each Grand Prix!
“You can’t expose commercial-in-confidence” he shrieked, “We’ll lose the race”
Eccelstone didn’t agree with Jeff’s analysis ‘cause, Why-look-a-gift-horse???
That it also continues to make whacking great losses that we are contracted to pay for whilst there are no credible figures for attendance, takings or the dubious quality of its “branding value” is a testament to Mr Kennett’s business smarts in setting all this up and costing this State around $500,000,000 in lost revenues.
But we shouldn’t forget the lack of balls in subsequent Labor Premiers in not flipping this monstrous waste of resources away when they had the chance.

It’s all about trust isn’t it?

Cheers Possums,

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