Tuesday, 22 January 2013

...and publishes another.

……and publishes another.

Shane with books
Shane Wombat on Bookshelf

NUDE Themes & Ideas

A compilation of of some 130 images taken over a number of years and also available very cheaply as and "E" book, too.
As the title indicates the book is broken into themes and ideas.

Following are some samples that are within that euphamism, "work-safe".
Nude body
Australian Crawl

Songs of a Summers' Night
Songs of a Summer's Night

Birthday Suit
Happy Birthday

slightly DaDa
Slightly Da-Da

Jezzamyn portrait
JR Portrait

 And if I sell many, many, many thousands I may be able to afford a real one of  these.....

Shane with Morgan car by Kyosho 
ShaneWombat with his Morgan

Wombat Droppings

In another depressing example of Liarbril “values” in the Tardis State (where all goes backwards) under “Big Bird” (Genus: Silvertail Incompetens) Baillieu, MP Inga Peulich has been reported as threatening to savage her political colleagues for not supporting her son to become mayor of Kingston council. He, who reportedly accepted thousands of dollars in campaign donations from developers who wanted to concrete “Green Wedge” areas and then declared to council that his returns were “zip”! Apart from the seeming illegality of his donation non-disclosure he also dudded his benefactors and apparently offered a deal to a non-development candidate to get a mayoral vote. He lost 8-1.
All this happened in the same area that Geoff (Wanna-use-my-Govt-car) Shaw is a member and who is under another cloud for: you guessed it, fundraising irregularities…. What IS in the water down there?
Further rampant individualism was on show as Lance Armstrong “confessed” in the High Church of Chat that he was a cheat and gave the distinct impression that he had little understanding of what he had done and that now he had spoken it would all go away.
Federally depressing was “Big Red” Gillard’s kow-towing to religious bodies so that they can kick sinners, and other people they deem naughty out of work and not be said to be discriminatory.
This, in the same week as the Catholic Church paid $100,000 compensation to a disabled woman whom a priest preyed upon for 14 years.  Now the Church is allowing him to return to full pastoral duties.
Orwellian ain’t it?


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