Thursday, 26 April 2018

Like Our Standards..The Autumn Leaves are Falling.

Shane in Autumn Leaves
Shane in Autumn Leaves

G'day Possums,

It's been an extraordinary week in which right-wing parties various, have eloquently demonstrated the nadir of their pathetic moral standards and as well as their utter contempt for a civil society.

Starting with the Royal Commission into the finance sector … very much "The Magic Pudding" (it just keeps on giving) we discovered  that "celebratory Financial Guru"  Sam Henderson dismissed a complaint made by a potential client that his advice was "risible," painting her to the Financial Planning Association to whom she complained  as "…nitpicking and inflammatory…"  and asking them to keep it all a bit quiet as his reputation and business might suffer from advising someone to lose half a mill of their superannuation. 
Of course, your staff impersonating clients on the phone and not having the       qualifications you claim, is also not a good look either. 
Other peccadillos from financial advisors were signing documents for the client and creating clients initials  to approve modifications. 
"The banking industry royal commission hasn't uncovered bad behaviour that the government didn't know about, Piggy-Bank Controller Scummo Morrison said, raising doubts about the usefulness of an inquiry that could cost the economy half a billion dollars and said government agencies had already started dealing with the problems identified by commissioner Kenneth Hayne, which include low-level corruption, kick backs and poor lending standards."
Which begs the question, "Were you Scummo, complicit in their corruption because of their election funding?"

Autumn Leaves

Daniel Wild-One a shill from the Coots-With-Queer-Ideas-From-a-Parallel-Universe, (IPA) in supporting the ruling rabble's insanity of tax cuts to big businesses who don't pay tax (including the banks presently being eviscerated at the RC) opined that the reason they, the banks, should get a tax cut is because it would help halt their present "nefarious practices."
Now, with that logic Danny-Boy has told you all you need to know about the ethical levels at the IPA....and the sort of intelligence you need to become a "research fellow".
Autumn Leaves

But then, his boss Le Jongleur, Roskam put on a show as a panellist on QandA Monday last.  And what a display it was !
If a face (like Dorian Gray's) can expose in its meanness, eye-flickering attention- seeking, pinched lips and dull eyes what lies beneath in what he thinks is his Catlic soul, Le Jongleur fully displayed his threadbare social and political consciousness in a Mr Bumble-ish hand wringing parody of Dicken's Beadle from David Copperfield... an economic state he wishes us all to exist in…. ."....hard work makes you free…" he intoned seriously. Indeed!
As soon as Le Jongleur uttered those words I saw them in a German Gothic font....Arbeit Macht Frei. And now you don't have to wonder why Danny Boy is such a prat!
Rosakm is a devious rodent, blaming the ruling rabble for its policy's... policy they have adopted from the IPA's wish list... he really is evil.

Autumn Leaves

A recording done secretly in 2016 apparently has another rat-brained ruling rabble oddball living in another universe. Mickey Sukkar had warned back then that the Vic branch of the ruling rabble was being infiltrated by "socialists" saying, “The last bastion, the last vestige of conservatism, which is the Liberal Party, is the last institution that they’re trying to get their way into.
“And, like termites, they’ll get in and they’ll eat us from the inside out unless we do something,” he told the meeting.
Hmmm... too many communion wafers?
Autumn Leaves
What is it with these right-wing catlics who don't see their saviour's life lesson as "socialism" and seem to prefer the money-lenders of a fascist state.

Then came Anzac Day and dawn service at Gallipoli. There, Dodo Dutton, Commandant of Australia's concentration camps for refugees  farted to the assembly remembering the Anzac landings "… that the Turks, just like us, stopped the boats, too!"
No-one is quite sure why he left his little bit of brain at home.
At Villers Brettoneaux  Prime Miniature Truffles officially opened the Sir John Monash Centre (all $100,000,000.00 of it and started by Rabid -the-Hun when he was telling us Labor had broken the economy ) with a very prosaic speech.
Better was to come with the French Prime Minister Eduoard Philippe delivering a very moving eulogy to the Australian fallen.

Autumn Leaves

Well there ya go, Petals, standards all over the place even Dipsy Mandy Devine, an Ugly American Murdoch shill  blaming the banking corruption for their "inclusiveness" of LBGTI  agenda... what a bloody fruit - cake. Off living in the IPA's parallel universe as well. 
And I almost forgot...there's a move afoot to create a monument at the War Memorial in Canberra to the navy personnel involved in "stopping-the-boats"! When you feel you have to honour actions against refugees fleeing wars and strife mostly created by your actions then you know that your sense of humanity is so diminished as to be non-existent.
Lest we Forget... what Australia used to be.
Hoo-roo Petals,


  1. Dutton must have a large family - it has been an awfully long time since it was his turn to use the family brain cell.