Saturday, 13 January 2018

To look like your thoughts…

shane mirrored
shane mirrored

G'day Possums,

Dodo Dutton… Deep North Fascist, blunders on to Sydney radio to rail against Dan-the-Man Andrews in Vic over what he sees as a crisis with gangs, the judiciary and multi-culturalism… not white ones like the 100 who terrorised the Torquay beach resort, mind you,  nor the four whities who head-stomped a girl attending a fight- injured man in Geelong but Africans … because the ruling rabble are so bereft of policy that's positive and having run out of well, never had, good economic news, they are compelled to wallow in their inner recesses and via smoke screen express fully what they actually look like.
They are ugly and getting uglier… rather akin to Dorian Gray's portrait where each moral breach is registered in the portrait's facade but not in the publicly accessed arena of a compliant Ugly American Murdoch, media.
True to the original bottom-feeder dictums of Little Johnny Howard and his "Tampa "and  "Children Overboard" calumnies,  Truffles motley,  incompetent and mostly incoherent ruling rabble can only see political survival in the further destruction of every sound social attribute requiring imagination, vision and talent. They pray at the altar of Le Jongleur, Roskam's regressive IPA and like Dutton, double down in falsehood as there is no other avenue left available to them .
And why is Dan-the-Man under such ferocious attack?
He does things for the community! 
Like Jay Weatherill in SA, he builds infrastructure to benefit the state and provides jobs that  show up how pointless the federal ruling rabble is.
Rotten to the Core
Rotten to the Core
Being consistently opaque, the public submissions to the Truffles / Ruddock review of religious "freedom" in Australia will be kept secret. That this is another marked departure from normal processes seems not to bother this supine nation.
So, like an inquisition being secret, why would should any-one take the Rancid Ruddock's findings with any seriousness?
“Economic management is not the Turnbull Government’s strong suit, or indeed that of the Abbott train wreck which preceded it.
In the four and a bit years since the Coalition has been in power the deficit has ballooned from $18.8 billion in Labor’s last year to $33 billion in 2016-17, while total borrowings have risen past $600 billion.
On the “reform” front there is also precious little to crow about: in the Abbott era the Government repealed the carbon pricing scheme, replacing a market mechanism with a taxpayer-funded mess, and junked the mining tax for good measure while goading Australian car makers into closing their factories.”
So sayeth one of the Ugly Americans tabloids!
Is the worm turning or is the myth constantly peddled by the ruling rabble of their economic sagacity finally being appreciated for the falsehood it is?
The rampant corruption of the ruling rabble with their "over-entitlement" and "deals" over the Murray Darling water, overseas political donations, etc has borne its natural fruit.
The number of  public servants bureaucrats witnessing corruption in their agencies has nearly doubled compared to three years ago as has the growing number reporting cronyism and nepotism. 
The latest public service commission State of the Service report found 5 per cent of surveyed government staff said they had seen corrupt behaviour, a figure that has steadily risen since an initial survey in 2013-14 that found 2.6 per cent had witnessed it in their workplaces.
What is the only thing  the ruling rabble do well?  Corruption.. and note the date... since the accession of ruling rabble Mk#1.

If you look you can see it in their faces.

Hoo-roo Petals,

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