Friday, 15 September 2017

Cashed Out on Ethics

Shane making a Wreath
Shane making a Wreath

G'day all,
That screaming Harpy, Michaelia Cash whose acidic tones are IMHO worse than a thousand Sulphur Crested Cockatoos on a Summer's eve, has been temporarily silenced following her Orwellian praise of the resigning  Australian Building and Construction Commission's boss, Nigel Hadgkiss: "The government thanks Mr Hadgkiss for his service and wishes him well in his future endeavours," The Harpy screeched. "Mr Hadgkiss has played a pivotal role in restoring the rule of law to Australia's building and construction industry, despite relentless opposition and appalling intimidation from lawless construction unions and their political supporters."
Hadgkiss has stepped down because the court found him to be breaching workplace law by mis-informing unions of the appropriate law and, by acting out the wrong news commentary instead of following the Ruling Rabble's legislation, its amendments and acting on his staff's warnings, getting "the vibe" wrong...(his  words, ffs), something The Screaming Harpy was aware of for at least the prior 12 months. So, like watching someone drowning and only effecting their rescue after 10  minutes under water ,The Harpy Cash waited until the obvious was proven in court. Which is somewhat similar to his tardiness and her earlier failure to "remember" to add her new multimillion dollar home to her parliamentary pecuniary interest register.
And remember Petals, it's the unions who are corrupt. 

These days it's getting difficult to find any of the Ruling Rabble who aren't  besmirched with the taint of corruption and who seemingly can't act either ethically or in the nation's interest rather than their own. 

Barnyard Joyce, facing disqualification from parliament by virtue of his NZ citizenship refuses to step down as deputy prime miniature or from parliament as do four others in the same boat. He is also under the hammer for the Murray-Darling water rorts.
"Flappy-Head" Robert, he of  "it's-a-fake-Rolex-not-a-genuine-Chinese-bribe-type-one" infamy, is now under investigation for being a director of  a company receiving government contracts (worth some $32,000,000.00) whilst a minister in the Ruling Rabble with a portfolio conflict relevant to his business interests. "Oh, my dad's the director not me". Pity, dad didn't know that! 
Another Deep Northerner, Thug Canavan blamed his mum for his dual citizenship.... he was only 25 at the time.... and she didn't tell him.

The garrulous Greek from Adelaide, Nick (god-I'm-brilliant) Xenephon passes legislation giving away the rest of the Australian media to the Ugly American Murdoch whilst still a dual national and technically, probably not allowed to sit in parliament let alone legislate dud deals.  Parroting the Mis-communication minister, Fifi Fifield, that  this was not  going diminish media diversity but enhance it, Garrulous Nick celebrated his allocating $60,000,000.00 to local papers already owned by Murdoch to employ more intern journo's to further promulgate the Ugly American's right wing rubbish.

This is I suppose being consistent with current Ruling Rabble philosophy as "Clean Coal " is coming to the fore again with the Ruling Rabble digging themselves an ever bigger coal hole in the economy and the country's climate future.... our national debt being now over $500,000,000,000.00... but this is "good debt" not "bad debt' like the $34 Billion of Labor debt from four years ago.
What is it that's awry with the moral compass and ethical nature of these ruling rabble types who can't seem to understand that corruption and conflict of interest is not part of their remit?
Hoo-roo Possums,


  1. everything you said is true, and so very irritating.
    Michaelia Parakeetia is a lawyer, her husband is a lawyer, her father is a lawyer.
    I have no words for the hypocrisy of the LNP

    1. Cash would have known from the outset that this apparatchik would be happy pushing the IPA line no matter what... they are a disgrace. Ta for commenting.