Friday, 12 May 2017

Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, It's Down the Slippery Slope We Go ....

Reversing positions

G'day Possums,
In the British Museum in London there are casts of antiquities, things like Trajan's Column, Assyrian Reliefs, Renaissance sculptures: all copies made 100-150 years ago which are now important as models for degraded or destroyed monuments as they retain more detail than many of the existing originals. So copying can be useful .

Remember when, under Little Johnny Howard the concept of ministerial integrity and honesty began to be devalued? This is where it has led: the most corrupt, self-serving and incompetent ruling rabble ever to afflict this land has Dodo Dutton lying about the fracas on Manus and who says anything? Who in government holds him to account, who in the MSM takes any notice?   No-one.
Our slippery slope just added a few degrees of decline.
AFP in action.
The Australian Federal Police Force (the militia of the ruling rabble) has been given $320,000,000.00 extra to tackle terrorism.  On the same day the AFP announced that they will not be investigating The Minister for Inhuman Services, Alan Shylock Tudge for leaking to the media, private and personal details of a welfare recipient who wrote an opinion piece for Fairfax Media claiming Centrelink had "terrorised" her over a debt she claimed she did not owe.  Some weeks later, her personal details were supplied to a journalist who wrote a comment piece from the Government's perspective, raising the prospect that Centrelink had been "unfairly castigated". Nice bloke is Shylock.....
AFP is yet to confirm that a few Schekels of its new $320Mill will go toward assisting in banging up alleged fraudster and for Rabid-the-Hun, doyen of the Union movement, Kathy Fingers Jackson whose $1.5 million wealth and spending sprees were seemingly funded by union donations without their approval. Odd that Fingers ratted on fellow unionist Thompson over similar but smaller matters and that case was treated with alacrity .... there's that slippery slope again.
Many don't, but I quite like QandA, even though its even handedness is the 50's suburban Sunday lunch with the rellies sort of soiree,  where you-can talk about anything except religion, politics, sex and money; but within its managerial limitations it  does provide the ruling rabble guest an hour to display not only their incompetence but also their sheer lack of imagination. As did Digger Tehan recently, breaking into a sweat trying to justify the waste of $100,000,000.00 for the Sir John Monash museum at Villers-Brettoneaux and then his complete inability (or bloody-mindedness) to contextualize Gonski Mk#2, HECS payments, Uni fees and housing prices… even panellist Danni Addison quipped to him something apropos “… you’ve lost this audience…” and Dave Hughes …well just watch him…in one succinctly accurate analysis of Truffle's body language in meeting with Frump45, Hughes likened Truffles to  a 13 yo girl on a date with Justin Beiber. The program has its moments of truth.
When in NY Truffles had a meeting with his boss, The Ugly American Murdoch. It transpires that media rules will be changed to suit Murdoch's insatiable greed and need for world domination, so we can look forward to his total control over 95% of print, radio and television in the near future. Mitch, Useless Fifield, paper delivery boy to the IPA fatuously opined that this was a great step forward in journalistic and media diversity and agreed that donating $30,000,000.00 to Foxtel to cover women's sport was sound policy ...besides what would the ABC do with it?

Then came, THE BUDGET!
In an admission of failure, Scummo Morrison and Truffles slightly reversed tack from the hard right free market position of the last four years and presented measures they say are "fair," and "balanced."  Apart from filching half baked versions of Labor's policy's, and which given the ruling rabble's complete lack of talent, they will stuff up, does this signal a rejection of all that Rabid-the-Hun and Eleventy once promulgated and, as a corollary, the ideological hard line of the IPA?  The punitive Centrelink regime will stay. Sewers will be searched to track down welfare recipients doing drugs. Pensioners will still be hit, penalty rates are about to go and even though a small tax was levied on the banks to fund the National Disability Insurance Scheme the banks still  have a big tax break around the corner  if The Senate Shysters, Xenephon , Noe Notion, Loopy Leyonhjelm, Bestiality Bernardi and FlappyMouth Hinch vote it in. Education is still being underfunded, Hecs will be taken earlier and TAFE has been cut again.
Fair, balanced?  I think not . It's more smoke and mirrors to try and get over the electoral line again when if they win, surprise, surprise, all the IPA zombie cuts will be back with a vengeance. Trusting this mongrel rabble is not an option in any circumstance.
Needless to say the press, in the main did the obvious and gloated how the rug had been pulled from under Labor's feet and how the ruling rabble were now "governing".
Hissy-Fit Sales did one of her more asinine and disdainful "interviews" with Short-stuff after his budget reply speech where she was solely interested in the when-did-you-stop-beating-your-wife "gotcha" moments and in her inimitably crass fashion, interrupted Short-Stuff every time he seemed to make an answer of substance....and therein  lies the tactic being employed wholesale against Labor, belittle, interrupt, disagree, push the ruling rabble line: Alberici wandering off into fantasy land about Short-stuff getting "rolled " because his colleagues disagreed about his poor taste dog-whistle ad, and let's not say any more about Jack-in-the-Box Probyn, other than that his delivery would be better suited to the Ch 7 Weather report!
And this Petals is the fair and balanced ABC, not the Murdoch run commercials! But then again, Guthrie an ex Murdoch employee is in charge, now!
Which was ironic,  for all those mentioned were also giving glowing testimonials to their late colleague Mark Colvin, eulogising his incisive and intelligent interviewing, sense of history and honest reporting.
Now, where's that slippery slope again ?
The glum faces of the ruling rabble during Short-stuff's budget reply speech put to rest the notion that anything announced in the budget was a social democratic exercise and "Labor-lite."  All the ruling rabble have done is expose their abject mismanagement, the wounded and fully wasted four years of being policy bereft since 2013: nothing has developed except inequality, fear, debt  and the corruption now rife in their ranks.
Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, It's Down the slippery slope we go ....but I've said this all before.
Hoo-roo Possums,

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