Sunday, 12 March 2017

18C and Tides Turn in the West

Shane at the Ballot Box
Shane at the Ballot Box

G'day Possums,

The court decision on Section 18C a couple of weeks ago to not amend the racial discrimination act was a humiliation for The Ugly American's The Australian, his IPA apparatchiks and other right wing extremists in his Liarbril Party.

It was such a shock to one overtly racist contraversialist-toonist  from the OZ that it seems he had a coronary and died... the more thoughtful praised his genuine artistic talent and wondered where his head was at and why it had ever got into that negative space for the past few years... the more tainted of the other side he cartooned for blamed Gillian Triggs, Human Rights Commissioner for the stress she allegedly caused; probably stress for not accepting, twice, an "out" offered by her to refer his cartoon to 19D as "fair true comment, well meant" with the matter being resolved.
Isn't it interesting how these right-winger's blood-lust will make them eventually eat their own in lieu of their intended victims!
Liberal Feast
Liberal Feast
Any chance they will now stop their malicious lies about the racial discrimination act now  the MPs have tossed the issue aside?
Nahhh...... but as the community becomes aware of the reality, perhaps their evil influence may diminish.
Liarbril Policy Unit
Liarbril Policy Unit
After Barrie Cassidy asked her bluntly about these things on "Insiders" a week ago and allowing the stupid woman full reign of her hubris, Hanson, The Red Terror in backing penalty rate cuts, describing governments’ vaccination policies as blackmail and opining that Australians want Vladimir Putin's style of leadership also allowed her to completely decimate her One Notion rabble's vote in the WA election.
From mis-spelled posters: "Kagoorlie" instead of Kalgoorlie from the print shop of the sleazy puppet-master, Ashby of Slippergate to banning ABC media from entering her HQ on election night by saying it was a private function, the ever parochial Sand-Gropers also might have looked a little askance at the Red Terror from Queensland saying that she wouldn't mind WA taking some tax revenue from her Deep North home being  traitorous?  Not a good look in a parochial state.
And what will the Deep Northerners think? 
It may well be that they will now understand that The Empress Has no Clothes... I mean, How Can You Trust Poorline?

The Ruling Rabble’s WA counterparts have well and truly hung themselves out to dry on a few issues and been trounced because of it with a 15% swing against them in the WA election.

It is amazing just how similar the federal ruling rabble are...
1/ They were incompetent economic managers even with a booming mining sector (shades of Little Johnny and “I’ve-got-a-Baton” Costello),
2/ They’re a policy vacuum, and
3/ They’ve shown themselves publicly and with the utmost clarity, to be ethically and morally bereft.
Nothing to see here…says Truffles...?. Hmmm.. the federal Ruling rabble speak the same IPA cant and, after all, it was Horse-Shite Coorman who was one of the feds who approved the deal and seems happy to associate preferences with the same thugs and who is increasingly  showing himself to be similarly fiscally innumerate .....and so incompetent with energy policy are our Ruling Rabble, that the Business Council and the electricity owners/rorters are now asking for the policy lie that Rabid-the-Hun won his election on ...repealing the Carbon Tax, to be reversed ! !  !
The right-wing looking for evidence of global warning.
The right-wing looking for evidence of global warning.

Let the implosion roll on like gathering thunder till these irrelevant mongrels are swept away in the coming storm!
Hoo-roo, Petals,



  1. How about Mr Harbour-side Mansion now knocking about with arty "the artful ICAC attendee, or otherwise known as Mr Forgetful" Sinodinos, then that other truth-fiddling coot (deportee from Belgium I'm told) Mathias Cormann, closely strutting behind H/side Mansion. He having declared "there will be no Royal Commission into the CBA because my kind of people have been asked by their hugely favoured Liberal donor people to just ignore the cry of those fleeced or duped account-holders."
    Oh for those not aware, these 3 gold-toothed male Peacocks are the one's that are smiling to each other and anything else than can be smiled at, even a dog pissing on their shoes.
    A story doing the rounds is that when the Senate Inquiry team had called for a CBA Royal Commission, a respectable reliable witness had seen the whole CBA Executive Board appointees all pushing and shoving their gold-toothed selves cramming into the one downward travelling elevator in their haste homeward to pocket their passports.
    The Liberal deplorable party are known to have a goodly number of legerdemain practitioners in their midst.

    1. Ta for the comment...aren't they just the most corrupt and woeful bunch we've ever had. And I can believe that scene cramming the lift ....