Tuesday, 22 November 2016

The Travesty Implodes.

G'day Possums,

It's been an interesting  fortnight with the whole world seemingly reacting with real concern that a sexist, racist bigot and crook has become the American President after not winning the popular vote.

 With more earthquakes in Japan near the leaking nuclear facility of Fukushima and paralleled with another large disturbance off the North Island of New Zealand, it seems that "The Rapture" so beloved  and anticipated of the holy-roller-happy-clappers, just might have arrived.

Jesus better not come back, though.

Bearded men of Middle-Eastern appearance are not particularly popular with Western  Xtians anywhere at the moment.

I have a sneaking suspicion that the Ruling Rabble mk#2 are quietly shitting themselves over Trump. He’s about to blow their democracy cover, big time. 
As Rabid-the-Hun and his chorus line of IPA storm-troopers (including the four Ning-Nongs from One Notion) celebrate Trump's every disastrous move, it may become more obvious to the wider electorate that the Emperor there, like the minor Barons here, have no clothes.
Approaching Storm
Approaching Storm
In an muddled attempt to sound plebeian, Truffles sallied forth from his multi million dollar Point Piper pile to inform us he was not one of the elites.
“The people with power and influence in this country are out of touch and not representative of the nation as a whole,” intoned the $200,000,00.00 worth ex member of Goldman-Sachs and Cayman Island and 7/11  investor.
Truffles saved his harshest criticism for the ABC. “You switch on the ABC and all you see is elites,” he told the ABC’s 7:30 in an extensive interview, whilst allegedly looking in a mirror.
“When will it be my turn to have some influence over this country?” asked the winner of the 2001 Centenary Medal for services to the corporate sector  14 months into his incompetent "leadership" of this nation.
It seems that the global political elites are now blaming people like themselves for the problems they have denied existing which are really created by the poor who don't actually exist!

Trump’s ascendancy is America’s eclipse but is not Trump’s fault.  
As J.K. Galbraith, the late American polymath, observed 30 years ago, political leadership almost exactly reflects the people who vote for it.
As it does here... and leading fascist of the ruling rabble Bookshelves Brandis has further embarrassed his own thuggish storm-troopers by privately opining over an "open microphone" to Tardis state apparatchik Bulldog Kroger that the Liarbril opposition in The Deep North is "mediocre" and that his own federal rabble is more than a bit concerned with not only One Notion's growing popularity amongst the deplorables but that his own side isn't travelling so well either.
Jeez.... that wouldn't have anything to do with your serial incompetence, would it Bookshelves?
 Isn't it wonderful how the ruling rabble only really see themselves in others?
In NSW, Liarbril Fuhrer Pretty-Boy Baird has succeeded in legislating a limit to ICAC's effectiveness and to stall the handing down of findings on "Operation Credo" that would show the Ruling Rabble to be a as corrupt as many suspect.
If there was any doubt that the Liarbril Party is corrupt to the core then this action is the proof positive.
A Royal Commission into this dysfunctional political group needs calling as soon as possible.
From the refuge for the untalented, unimaginative, third rate intellect came the thought bubble from The  IPA’s Aaron Lane who said there was a ‘‘moral case’’ to abolish minimum wages to allow people to experience the ‘‘dignity of work’’.
‘‘Our position is an ideological one and we don’t shy away from that,’’ he said. ‘‘This position can be seen as heartless and wanting people to work for a low wage.  But it’s about empowering individuals in being able to choose their own employment.’’
A sort of "This will hurt me as much as it will you" attitude of Victorian, patriarchal irrelevance.
I had said in my blogs Petals, a full year before Rabid-the-Hun and the Ruling Rabble Mk#1 were inflicted on us, that things had gone from Orwellian to the Kafka-esque.
It's nice to know that the septic tanks with their "Trumphant" Tea-Party are in a similar place too.  We wont stand out as idiots, as much!

Then there was the final episode for the year of QandA  where Indigenous playwright and actress, Nakkiah Lui utterly demolished Vichy Abetz on his IPA inspired plan to abolish 18C, and Chinese Australian, Benjamin Law made much more foriegn policy sense than The Ugly American's minion, Almost-a-Jesuit, Sheridan.
In wiping the floor with them, Lui and Law made Vichy Abetz looked like the tired old Dinosaur he is and Sheridan a hysterical catlic schoolboy prefect. Labor's Terri Butler spoke well, too particularly when she wasn't cut off or interrupted by host Jones or Murdoch minion, Sheridan.
I particularly enjoyed that Abetz looked so uncomfortable but was angered that he again verballed  Triggs, misappropriating and misquoting one of her comments as did Sheridan.... neither of these right-wingers can be trusted in any way except for their deviousness and duplicity.
Hoo-roo Possums,
do you get the feeling that with the budget deficit 8 times larger than when ruling rabble Mk#1 started mismanaging finances, that Truffles' NBN is a shambles and costing more and more to do less, unemployment is growing ,wages are static, manufacturing is in decline, ex pollies are rorting entitlements and free speech is really under attack.... all is imploding?


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