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Mugs and Shots

Shane Mugshot
Shane Mugshot
G’day Petals,
In an online conversation with Canadian photographer John Smith I was surprised with his awareness of what is happening in Australia, particularly with “Rabbutt-the-Hun” and Christopher ”The Whyne-and-Perfect-Prat-of-a-Prefect” Pyne. He then said he’d come across a series of mug-shots and saw that some looked like our less than esteemed “leaders”. I had a look too, and Voila…. John was correct… I hope you find these amusing and exhort you to have a look at a Canadian’s blog as a thank you for his interest in Oz.

 Wombat Droppings or low down oz politics

The Carbon Pricing Scheme has finally been destroyed by the alliance of PUP Bogans, La-La Far Righters and the Mindless Liarbrils…. whose celebration of its demise was like a pre-pubescent’s end of school flour fight. It made me think that they must live in a very small, very insular bubble; a space not connected to a real world of humanity but something constructed, ordered and devised just for them to feel secure before they are forced to grow up and acknowledge that as real adults, they have responsibilities to a sphere larger than the hip pocket.
Squizzy as Pyne
Squizzy Taylor appropriate!
But suddenly we are having a real climate change debate where the denier-a-saurs can’t be invited. Will “Direct Action” work? Will it achieve anything like the 20% reductions in emissions the Carbon Pricing mechanism did?
In these arguments there is no questioning of whether Climate Change is real but which is the most effective way of ameliorating its real effects.
Climate denier-saurs are finally made extinct by their own machinations.

Julie Bishop

Can "Rabbutt-the-Hun's" mind work in anything other than cliches? Referencing the murders on the Malaysian Airline flight MH17 in interview with Fran Kelly, (ABC “Insiders” 20-7-14) "the Hun” said, "... there were 36 that Called Australia Home...", “…. we will work purposefully, methodically, continuously…” and; “…. Big countries don’t intimidate small countries…that is wrong…”
Is this man is very, very sick?
The use of a Peter Allen song and subsequent theme for Qantas (who btw, is cost cutting and trying to offload its aircraft maintenance to Malaysia) is not just bad taste and appalling judgement but salient to this man’s psychopathology

michaela Cash

It seems to indicates a mind lacking any empathy with the reality of the situation particularly when this mongrel prime miniature again brings his daughters into the equation by relating how they had flown from Europe on flight MH-17 some weeks before….So what! So had hundreds of others. What was this supposed to achieve, identification with the victim’s families or just drawing attention to his own little world?
His body language was noteworthy, too. A flat hand, mostly palm down in rhythmic down beat time to his halting 2-3 word utterances: “Now, Fran…what we um have been doing… we have been um…been doing …is methodical, purposeful and consistent…um er, getting the job done… er, Fran.”  In other words, “Fran, F***K Off, we will do whatever we want!”
His answers indicated that while listening to the question in detail “Rabbutt” processes only those elements he can respond to from the repertory of catch phrases and slogans that suit the IPA agenda. The answers have the rhythm of the learned, the memorised and practised stock phrase: oddly, quite like the rhythm of saying the psalms.

Cory Bernardi

Gerard “Sydney Geriatric Institute” Henderson perched on the couch of “Insiders” like a malevolent Gargoyle opined that “Rabbutt-the-Hun” was leading the world in his criticism of Putin’s lack of humanity. 
Oi… what an inflated juvenile view of their own importance these Liarbrils have… as if Putin would care what mosquito bites Australia had in store for Russia.
When the European Union, Britain, and the USA together start criticising, Putin MIGHT listen to them….but as the Europeans need Russian gas ……….
And why would Putin listen to humanitarian blather from a little country which has a 2/6worth of trade and that has re-introduced C18th type prison hulks to incarcerate refugees or bullied a despoiled Timor-Leste over the Timor gap oil reserves?

Tony Abbott

They talked of being "grown-up", having policy's, being organised, inclusive, collegiate, caring, full of vision.... it didn't take a genius to work out that they had none of the discipline, maturity, imagination, intellect, humanity or just plain "couth” to be any of these things.... they were and remain a rabble, who are quickly sending Australia to a top league laughing stock as the economic "White-Trash" of Asia.

Warren Truss

These barbarians, (what else can you call them?) are deliberately trashing the country and its future. Ruling according to the dictate of the IPA’s (Coot’s -With-Queer-Ideas-From-a-Parallel-Universe) miserable medieval, right wing “free”-market theories.
I heard their Head Troll, Roskam, “Plonker#1”get well and truly “worked over” on Faine (ABC 774) by wives and members of Vic. Ambulance, when showing to the Ambo’s pay and conditions dispute all the empathy of a Scrooge trained accountant.
He made me wonder if his humanity is delivered in small amounts via an ATM.
Needless to say, even though some of the talk-back on Faine’s program (ABC 774) silenced him and there was a hint of doubt becoming apparent in his voice you know that this right-wing ideologue never conceives or accepts that he can be wrong and he and his Murdoch/Rinehart funded ilk is what is destroying this nation soul.

Bronwyn Bishop

…and a link to the real stink.

They and their Liarbril Office–Boys have to be removed.

Hoo-Roo Possums,


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