Thursday, 8 November 2012

...dancing about.

Shane up close and personal.....

 "Take a Bow" show has closed ....reasonably well attended and my demo's on performance photography had a small but enthusiastic audience over the four session on two weekends. 

Fulsome thanks are due to Laura,  Mariah, Jana and Rachel for their sterling work on the weekend demo's.

The finalists' images will be getting another outing at a new venue.....
 Gallery Eleven40, at 1140 Malvern Rd, Malvern North 3144. 
The show will run from Friday November 30th until Friday 21st December with thanks to the Take a Bow sponsor, Gallery Eleven 40 who are responsible for the superb printing job done with the finalist images. 
Gallery hours are Monday to Friday 9am - 6pm, weekends 10am - 5pm.

It's satisfying when people reckon they have learnt something from you........ particularly when they work in the business, too.


I had the nagging suspicion after the last BIFB and it has now been confirmed from "Take a Bow", that there were two types in this medium: those who are professionally minded and involved and those who only have cameras and cyber-egos!


Invitation to the Dance" has also finished and I would deem it, (by comments left and offered personally), very successful.
BTA Class
The gels...

the fellows....
checking cossies...
 I have been attending ballet rehearsals and there are two gigs (Dance) soon... and then off to King Island to stay with film -maker friends.... rugged landscapes or limpid skies? 

L and M on the stairs at the Minerva Hall

It's a bit hard to ignore the American personality poll results. 
It's also difficult not to notice the bitter similarity's of the American conservatives' vituperative comments about Obama's win and our own conservative pollies attitudes.
One interesting observation was that for all the venom the Murdoch press had spat at the Democrats, people took little notice and it would seem that the power of the loony right-wing press may be much over-rated.
Poor Rush Limbaugh.... apoplectically useless to the last
Some disgruntled Americans sounded off (on facebook), that they would emigrate to Australia if Obama won only to be assailed by a torrent of rejection that ranged from a simple "F..k Off. We're full"!  ...... and "They would probably end up in Austria"! a list (by a Felicity Ryan) of why they would not like it here:

Our Prime Minister is a unmarried woman and avowed atheist who lives with her B/F.
Her Finance Minister is a Lesbian who's just had a baby and there are other Gays openly in Parliament and in the Judiciary.
We have Universal Health Insurance (since 1975)
We have few guns and no death penalty and are pro choice for contraception and abortion,
we believe in evolution, which is taught in schools.....
...and voting is compulsary.
 It was also suggested that those who did arrive, declare their pitchforks on arrival at Tullamarine.

Tony (the rabbit) Abbott's old University College, St Johns (Catholic) is copping a lot of bad press for it's endemic misogyny and appalling behaviour. 
Abbott giggled and excused it as "undergraduate fooling around"... 
Prime Minister material?.. not-on-yer-Nelly!
We've had The Melbourne Cup:.... and State of Tardis (where all goes backwards) Racing Minister, Dennis ( what's a backhander?) Napthine extols the quality and honesty in the Victorian racing scene/business/industry/take, only to have the press reveal that three senior jockeys are being investigated for being "on-the-take".  One does get the feeling that when this incompetent lot say it's BLACK, you know it's really WHITE!
State Govt. enquiry into Catholic abuse of children recieves thumbs down as it's underfunded and too like the manner in which the Church handled it's own enquiry.
Boom gates get the blame for drivers running into trains. 
Conflict of Interest is not a concept that "Big-Bird" Baillieu (Genus: Silvertail Incompetens) recognises.
Only in the Tardis State!  Sigh!

cheers Possums,

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