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G’day Possums,
T’other day I was sorting through some images from the French trip and came across a church the name of which I had no record of. It was a stop on our way from one Gite in Vernueil Moustiers  to another in La Charite-sur-Loire.

We had, after leaving V. Moustiers early, stopped off at the Priory at Orsan; a place discovered very early in the researching of the trip and looking well worth a visit. The church in question was photographed some twenty five minutes after leaving Orsan so I thought it wouldn’t be too difficult to locate by checking through all the Eglises noted in the Michelin map book that could be approximately 25 minutes away from Orsan to the East and North East and google-mapping the villages.

Well Petals…. A day later I finally found it. It was South East at Le Chatelet!
Puy Ferrand, Le Chatelet.
A  beautiful C12th church, unfortunately closed, so no interior shots but wonderfully persevered detail in the decorative carvings.
Mrs Wombat sensibly had kept a diary of events  (I didn’t…… dumbo…) and some looking through that for clues had me thinking “Well, this time last year we were in….”
Images of which are now being presented here…….. a year late!

Below are some pics from the Priory at Orsan  a place with 800 years of history and the gardens being re-developed in the Medieval manner...a lovely place. And if you're very well off, can eat and stay there...

 and around this day (May 4-5) we were here in Gaillac and Moissac

Moissac Cloister and Jeremiah winding his sinuous way around the portal of St Pierre. Magical works. Even Mrs Wombat was impressed... 

St Michels, Gaillac. Dark, dank, severe and fascinating
Musse de Beaux Arts, Garden, Gaillac
A delightful gallery in a chateau which featured the works of a father and son team of painters (local) which was very interesting and a most helpful chap who was the sole attendent


Clive Palmer says he is going to run for a seat in Federal Parliament… what does six-billion-dollar-man want with parliament? 
Why, his own way of course.
He said he would look after the Australian people… which is why he’s contracted the Chinese to build his replica of the Titanic.

Christopher Pyne ( Liabril whiner) had a 2 hour drinky-poo’s with the gay staffer who is accusing Slippery Peter of sexual harassment; a month before the allegations were made… hmmm shades of Godwin Grech?

Peter Reith has been popping up more frequently of late: Liarbrils must think they are an absolute shoo-in for the next election if that disgraced and discredited has-been can get an outing on Q and A;  He was a panellist with Sophie Mirabella.

“In 2007, Ms Mirabella earned the dubious honour of being one of only a handful of government MPs to be kicked out of the House of Representatives when the Liberal government was still in power. 
She continually interjected a Labor MP who raised concerns about a $15,000 donation given to her support group by British American Tobacco. 
The member for Indi stayed out of trouble for four years, before making headlines in March by calling Deputy Prime Minister Wayne Swan a “bag-man”. 
Since then there have been a flurry of indiscretions. 
Ms Mirabella has been booted out of the chamber five times in 36 parliamentary sitting days — twice in March, once in July and twice this month”.
Quoted from The Border Mail
Another in-ya-face Pit-Bull of a Liarbril is Kelly O Dwyer… why are the women in this party so rudely aggressive and offensive? 
Does it say something about the political party they are members of or is it that they just lack all grace?
I think I’m close to re-defining what a real Bogan is.
The sense of crisis the Liabrils are generating is taking it’s toll of the government and Labor will probably be wiped out at the next election; but funny thing is, they are actually governing pretty well… policy settings have maintained a stable economy and they haven’t been radical in their affairs. Except for asking the Miners to pay taxes…. The mud that’s been thrown is sticking and this boorish electorate is being taken in by Mr Rabbit’s spin. 
He will take them for a ride they wont forget in a hurry.
On the Victorian Front … Baillieu slashes public service jobs and TAFE funding but builds more prisons … that should help us all! 
At least his Minister, Peter Hall said it was a shit policy decision… and fines have been upped by 12%… there have been calls for civil disobedience …. by not breaking the law! And he's upped parliamentarians "super" by 25%... (tings are tuff...)

Cheers petals…..

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