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Ok…..Petals;  last post was very successful .. lots of "looks" which I found surprising…but then I read that ASIO is delving into all  those who criticise the coal industry…..  mining, exports etc… so we’ll have to be a liiiitle quiet till things settle down. Also Peter Ryan’s name came up a couple of times as a search tag and as he’s not very pretty we shall lie low in the burrow.

It’s been a bit of a week Bob Brown, Greens leader resigning and all… everyone was taken by surprise. Prime Minister Julia Gillard was reasonably gracious; Tony Abbott his consistent self: negative, mealy-mouthed, petty and ungracious.

Brown should be proud of what he’s achieved so far and I hope that his successor as leader Christine Milne will continue the Greens habit of talking issues and not vested interests.
                                           Lal-Lal Station.  A typical country station which really is used no longer

There has been a push to have a Royal Commission into the number of suicides (some 40, so far) of people who were abuse victims of Catholic clergy.
Premier Baillieu is doing what he does best… prevaricating and dithering although it was reported “ …..that he was on the brink…” 
Stop Press: Baillieu today (17/4) issued a statement that a Parliamentary enquiry into these matters would be held.... not a Royal Commission, not a Judicial inquiry but a farce with six parliamentarians: four of whom are in their first term in Parliament!  State Attorney General, Robert Clarke said that the more relaxed format would be more victim friendly. Hey Bobby... the victims you're enquiring into are dead.   
Good grief...this lot are worse than a joke.
Melbourne’s Archbishop Hart when interviewed on the matter obsfucated with consummate practised skill.
                                          The Lonliness of the Long Distance Transmitter

Richard Dawkins and Cardinal George Pell went head to head on TV last week. Like the one he mentors (Tony Abbott), Pell “played the man” and in front of Dawkins’ fairly cool and analytic approach looked sillier and sillier. Pells’ supporters in the audience were just plain school-children-ish too in their laughter at some of Dawkins’ statements that they couldn’t see the point of or understand, blinded I suppose by their “faith”. Pell got rather personal at times and you sensed a viciousness in the man that is contrary to what he espouses.


The Baillieu Govt...(that's increasingly an oxymoron, Govt. that is...) has just announced (16/4) that the "star" rating for energy efficiency on homes is to be abandoned. It seems that a market driven approach to energy efficiency will be more effective than a mandated one. So forget solar hot water or power, double glazing, more insulation,water tanks etc., just buy more air conditioners and build more coal fired power stations. The head of the MBA says that the "6" star rating   " .... has gone too far". So sustainability is to be abandoned on the basis that house prices will fall. What Bullshit! 
And didn't Baillieu qualify as an Architect? He must be a severe disappointment to his lecturers or did he get his degree in a "show-bag"?
This is a perfect example of the Liarbril concept of "leadership"... go backwards, do nothing and re-build the Titanic. 


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