Saturday, 12 March 2011

Shane goes off... to France ... Visually

G’day petals,

The car’s been hired and the route is in planning and although
it’s not a huge country; about 1/3 bigger than Victoria, I didn’t
really want to walk it. I’m not quite the proportions required for the St. James Compostella route.
You reckon a Wombat driving a car is odd?  Go driving in Melbourne sometime!
But the French are awful drivers, you say?   See last sentence!
I reckon if you can survive that lot in Melbourne, you can survive anything.
Shane, map
Shane in France....

Is France the most photographed country on earth?  If so, why bother doing that yourself?
That’s a bit of a dilemma.
 It has to be more than an aide-memoire for later years; it should encapsulate the hours before and after the image was made. It’s not the image that’s important. The subject is sovereign.

Do you decide how to photograph a-priori or do you wait for it to affect you and then follow?
shane, camera
Shane in focus...

I’m tending to think a bit of both.
"A-priori" tends to exclude being spontaneous.... and waiting for inspiration to “muse-you” can mean you sometimes don’t get the job done at all. 
And because photography has always been a self-referential medium perhaps a homage to “place” and other photographers’ works might be worth investigating.
Or perhaps the clich├ęs of “The Beautiful Landscape”? 
Rather fitting, as one village we’re staying in does have a “Most Beautiful Village in France” rating.
Or (and this has been an engaging idea for a while), a contextual reference from the stylised capitals on Romanesque pillars to examples of flora in the surrounding countryside or the faces in statuary and corbels to the physiology of the contemporary inhabitants.

Then there’s the medium: digital and its print outcome…hmmmmmmm.

Bien tot,

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