Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Home is where the bogans are

......nice isn't it?
Well it could be except for this.....

... and the fact that you'll probably find twenty or more trail-bikers butchering the environment both physically and aurally on weekends.  

Unfortunately many locals join in too and when asked why they moved here they say they love the bush!
Yep, they love it to death. They buy their chilren little noisy motorised toys and they then proceed to run up and down, parallel to the main road. This has made a track which has gone from a wheel width to now something averaging about two metres wide. Running for eight kilometres they have in the space of 5 years completly denuded the equivalent of almost 2 hectare or 8 acres!  It will take over twenty years of no use for the vegetation to return. 
Seems to me an exercise of monumental nihilistic egotism.
Much of this bogan activity has been promoted by biking magazines who in extolling the pristine virtues of the Wombat Forest are ensuring its destruction.

It's probably time to go somewhere else.