Thursday, 19 March 2020

Watching the Demise of The Lucky Country

G'day Possums,
just when you thought our corrupt Ruling Rabble couldn't get any worse along sputters Covid-19  to show once again just how incompetent they are and their whole raison d'etre is, in practice.

Running out of medical gear like masks and testing kits because we now manufacture very little, and our chief medical research body the CSIRO has been financially gutted to keep Our Biggest Miner, Gina's and The Ugly American, Murdoch's play-thing The IPA happy in evolving an uncivil society, The Ruling Rabble are now concerned that the public hospital system will not cope with the numbers of sick being anticipated. Of course this has nothing to do with the fact that since their ascension in 2013 the public system has been relentlessly drained of funds and the slow dismantling of Medi-Care by increasing "on-costs" to "out-of-pocket" expenses for patients is causing people to avoid seeking attention as they cannot afford it and viola.. not getting tested.

Now, dilly-dallying over whether to allow students to stay in school and after calling for no public gatherings of more than 100 people, Prime Miniature Scummo, the Happy-Clapper from Marketing attended one of his Plastic Religious Concerts of some 3000..... Oh, hang on... that was the day BEFORE this particular dictum came into effect and the school students, well they might as well stay in school, as this Rabble have managed to mangle the broadband network so badly that it ranks 65th(?) in the world now (down from 4th) and would probably collapse if they all went home to use it together, if they could get on it. But the private schools, particularly the Catlics are giving him a single finger salute on that one as the parents of the Pricilla's and Bamber's are  keeping  their darlings safely ensconced in their middle class bubbles.
Home Grown
Home Grown

Once upon a time,  a very good Prime Minister, Paul Keating, said that governments can alter society and how it operates.
Well, for the past 30 years the relentless proselytising by the Ruling Rabble and its IPA propaganda wing that the aspirations of the individual are paramount has finally created its malignant actuality.
Hundreds of people stripping supermarket shelves bare, panic-buying multiples of white-goods, meat, canned and packet foods with altercations breaking out and in one instance, a stabbing occurring. Bus-loads of people vulture-like, descending on regional towns 100 km from their homes to do the same there, literally saying to those in the regions, "Fuck you Jack, I'm ok!"
We witnessed some of this locally, so went home and picked home-grown.
Home Grown

Scummo has the hypocrisy to then, like a school master say, "Stop it, just stop it, It's un-Australian." But as he was responsible for sports-rorting $300,000,000.00 of taxpayer monies to buy an election 12 months ago...... and since 2013 the selfish overspending, rorting of entitlements and travel allowances from this parliamentary Rabble has been nothing short of appalling in its unethical behaviour: so it's a complete farce that the scribbling minions from the Murdochracy praise his "straight talk" from one presser!.
But then, what other action can you expect from a population supinely fed the rightwing Murdochracy's  mantra that "socialism-bad capitalism-good" and also understanding that the law only applies to them and not those in power?

Since 2013 we have been witnessing the dismantling of a civil society and this week, the first large cracks appeared and chunks fell off... the IPA must be so pleased with their handiwork.
Hoo-roo, Petals,
are we just to sit back and watch this country's demise?