Friday, 14 September 2018

Spring is Sprung and the Nation is Bung

G'day Possums,
Many are, like me, expressing surprise that the implosion of The Ruling Rabble has taken 5 years.
Policy and ethically bereft, the only thing they have excelled at  is hate and vilification and finding that a unified and cohesive Labor Party seems immune from their sheer nastiness, to survive in the only way they know, they have turned on themselves..... with a vengeance.

And this week in the Parliament Circus:

Roaming Quisling dumps on Potato-head, who dumps back on him suggesting he's a paedophile followed by Horseshite Corman dumping on Quisling who then dumps on Potato-head ...again...deuce:  and  then Scummo dumps on them all and sermonizes that, hallelujah,  it's a new generation, hallelujah,  and dumps on Truffles who, from NY dumps on Potatohead, who is maybe dumped on by Asbestos Bishop!  Meanwhile all the women in the Ruling Rabble who claimed they were bullied by their "colleagues," blame Labor and accept bribes for their silence over the antics of Senator and possible Hitler Youth fantasist, Pasty Paterson which is music to the ears of The Ugly American, Murdoch shill, C.Overington who reports that Labor is as bad, notwithstanding having nearly 50% female representation compared to the Ruling Rabbles15% all of which causes The Greens, firebrand Sarah Hansen-Young fresh from snotting LoopyLibertarian  Leyonhjelm for slut-shaming her, to flummox Scummo mid homily at the mid-winter ball by interjecting "Bring Back Truffles!"

Feeling upstaged by this, Scummo  (and telling all those asking for a reason for Truffles assassination to "get over it") has a video clip made of "Put-Your-Right-Hand- In, Put your-Right-Hand -Out"  to Fatman Scoop's "Be Faithful," forgetting parliamentary rules and that the song has naughty lyrics and is possibly copyright so pulls it.... but not before it is copied by the masses and adulterated. It was not stated whether the choice of song was a homage to back-handers or developer contributions to Ruling Rabble coffers.

Earlier in the week as this shambles was unfolding "Insiders" was fascinating.
Farr and Murphy were having a delightful time and The Sydney Geriatric Institute's Henderson  seemed hunched over in mortal pain as the panel surveyed the utter wreck with bits still falling off  the Ruling Rabble....although his attempt to blame Truffles' demand to see the 43 mutineers names being the cause of the bullying of female members was vintage straw-man comedy stuff straight out of the IPA handbook.

In comparison Petals, was this piece of info from our cousins across the way:
"Political momentum is usually driven by ministers, but in New Zealand it came from the backbench.
In 2016, a cross-party group of 35 representatives came together to form Globe-NZ.
These representatives spanned all major parties, including the Nationals, Labour, Greens and the populist New Zealand First.
Globe-NZ's mandate was to build a shared evidence base, and they commissioned us to evaluate the feasibility of transitioning to a low-emissions economy.
This research was buttressed by a country-wide series of workshops, presentations and meetings to collect evidence, test assumptions and socialise findings amongst a growing network of supporters."
It seems that the "Adults are in Charge" over there.... but here ? 

Well, another example of how this country has been "done-over" by the rabble ... Malcolm Gunning eschewing his role as Prez of the REIA  auditioned as a new comedian for the IPA by denying there was any crisis with rental affordability and that those finding it hard to make ends meet should just vacate major cities, find a second job and negotiate their rent.
He didn't say where he had left his heart or whether he really needed it.

May this rabble soon be an historical blip..... a bad dream that has taught the electorate a severe lesson.
Hooroo  Possums,