Friday, 26 March 2021

The Hour Cometh and Now Is ....


G'day Petals,

remember "the good-ol-days", specifically, before 2013 when politcal / policy blundering took place every few months, was eventually admitted to, rectified, apologised for and business then continued?

It's different now isn't it?

This is The Age of Scummo's Ruling Rabble, an IPA - Hellsong Cabal where since Truffles Turnbull was dispatched and a Titanic Palmer / Ugly American Murdochratic funded election "miracle" was engineered the country quickly degenerated into weekly scandals and crises and now after only two short years (though it feels a lifetime), they are daily.

It should came as no surprise that I think that the genesis of the appalling events bubbling to the surface of the Canberra cess-pool in these past weeks can be laid squarely at the door of the Murdochracy and its prime agent, the IPA. 

Since 1947 this largely Murdoch / Rinehart funded misnamed "Think-Tank" has worked assiduously and succeeded in infiltrating federal parliament, overturning or negating any social reform, public asset, infrastructure or progressive thinking so that the whole country can be sold out to private interests. Under the banner of Freedom of thought and action for a wealthier place, they are actually working toward a return to a feudal system.

Courts are attacked; held in contempt, opinion pieces denigrate social thinking, public education is vilified and Union leaders besmirched and lies proliferate.

And yet who are the alleged perpetrators of the past weeks / years atrocities? Why, the very same right-wing ilk, many IPA members, all espousing "family values", all supported by the Murdochracy which denigrates whistle-blowers, the victims and hounds the innocent while turning a blind eye to major corruption.

Scummo from Marketing pretending to be the  Billy Graham of Oz politics has said he will seek to change values that have been soured by social media. Bullshit... those values have become degraded through continued attacks on them, through the successive ignorant actions of his ministers who are afforded cart-blanche by the press and by police forces politically tainted. Journalists are complicit in this corruption to the extent that what they now write cannot be trusted. The ABC has been so gutted that it too is barely recognisable and only listened to very carefully to sift the "news" from the propaganda "spin".

The sense of hopelessness pervading this country is a direct result of IPA policy enacted by a faux xtian minority on an electorate continually fed false news. Policy which is discriminatory, policy which takes from the weakest to give to the stronger, policy designed to tax the poor and advantage the rich, policy of division,  of cruelty, of marginalization ... a policy of no future. 

The pandemic showed that social alternatives exist..... Scummo from Marketing and the Murdochracy are determined that they will not.

They are corrupt and need to be removed.

Hoo-roo, Possums,